Papago P2

The Papago! P2  DVR is a Taiwanese built dash cam with very good picture quality during the day and good picture quality at night.  The camera is manufactured by the Dmedia Technology Group.   Papago has opened a US office as well at the end of 2013.

There are claims that the camera uses a high quality Pentax lens but this has not been verified.  The camera utilizes the Ambarella A2S70 processor and can record at HD video, 1920 x 1080p at 30fps.  It comes with a 2.4″ LCD screen and unfortunately is a relatively large dash cam at 82 x 77 x 104mm.  It comes with a built-in GPS sensor and an interesting speed limit / speed camera warning feature.

This speed camera warning allows you to identify where known speed traps or fixed photo radar sites are.  When you approach any of the defined speed traps, the camera will warn you.  Unfortunately the speed trap details are only available for Taiwan and Russia.  The Russian speed trap details were created by users.  In other countries, you will need to manually add the speed traps (can store up to 1000).

This camera is also sold under the name Akenori Drive Cam 1080 Pro in Russia.

Papago Comparison

The following table provides an overview of the different features for the Papago P2 compared with the PO, P1W and P3 models (click to enlarge).


Known problems

This camera has been quite reliable.  There are some minor items that any purchaser should be aware of though.

No battery

While the vast majority of dash cams have a battery to save the last video file when power is disconnected, the Papago P2 does not have a battery.  The camera uses capacitors to save the last video file when external power is removed.  This should not be a problem for most people.

Temperature Sensors

The Papago P2 dash cam comes with temperature sensors that will prevent the camera from being turned on if the camera gets too cold or too hot.  Under -10 degrees C, the camera will refuse to operate and you will need to warm it up before you can turn it on.  The camera will not operate if it is over 70 degrees C and must be cooled off before turning on.

Disassembling the dash cam

Mounting the Camera

Standard Mount

A video of how to attach and detach the camera.

Sample Videos

Day Video

Day Video in Rain

Night Video

Should I purchase?

There really is nothing wrong with the Papago P2.  It has decent video quality and it is a reliable dash cam with GPS.  The large size and relatively high price (~$250) is a turn-off for many people hence the reason for its low popularity.  If you are looking for a dash cam with a screen and don’t mind the size or price, this may be the cam for you.  See our complete comparison on the dash cam comparison page.

Where to purchase for lowest price

This camera sells for approximately $250 from the following vendors.



Latest Firmware

The latest firmware files can be found on the Papago US site.  The DMedia Group Site or the Papago site also have firmware files available.

Previous Firmware


Main Chip Ambarella A2S70
Image Sensor 5 mega-pixel CMOS(2592 x 1944) 1/2.5″
Internal Memory 2GB MLC Flash RAM
External Memory Single SDHC Card Slot (up to 32 GB)
LCD Display 2.4″ LCD 480 x 234 Pixels
Power Supply 5V 1A USB Power (12~24V–>5V/1A Mini USB adapter)
Power Consumption 4.75V~5.25V/1A at maxium power output mode
White Balance Auto
Exposure Control Auto
Speaker 0.5W x 1
Microphone Yes
Date/Time(RTC) Yes
GPS+ G Sensor Yes
TV out HDMI 1.3
Interface Mini USB 2.0(Mass storage or power in) HDMI 1.3(TV out) SD Slot
LED Indicator 1 LED light(2 color red/green: power on/ record)
Buttons 1 x Emergency Rec. Button 3x Up/Down/OK Button(3 ways lever switch) 1 x Power Switch(slide switch)
Operating Temperature [0~70 °C]
Storage Temperature [-20~80 °C]
OSD Language Supports: CHT/CHS/ENG
Accessory Car Charger, Bracket,
Certificate CE/FCC
View Angle 120 degree Wide angle lens FOV 107 Diagonal
Lens F/1.6 F=3.69mm
Dimension 82x77x104mm
Weight 150g
O/S Linux kernel 2.6.32
Map Software PAPAGO! LE Feature: map display/ speed camera warning/ speed limit display
Video Recorder PAPAGO! Driving Recorder Feature: circle recording/ 2 minutes emergency record
Watchdog Timer system monitoring by per second for auto reset if necessary
Video Format MOV(AVC/H.264)
Video Resolution Full HD 1080p(1920 x 1080)
Video Frame Rate 30 fps

Published: Oct 24, 2012
Last Updated: Mar 3, 2014