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    A129 Plus still has eMMC?

    There are still 2 options, one with eMMC and one without eMMC.
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    Can't Play File in Cloud Menu Smartphone App

    Since your Cloud live view works for the DR750S-2CH, can you try connecting your DR750X-2CH to that hotspot network and see if Cloud live view works?
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    Just bought u1000 and coming from f800 pro

    Very rare for this to happen! Have you tried a firmware reflash yet? Instructions here
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    Just bought u1000 and coming from f800 pro

    Did you enable parking mode in the settings?
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    Is It Dead? (900s-2ch)

    The high pitched noise almost always indicates a bricked camera, unfortunately, but here are some more things to try: 1. Power on the dash cam via the vehicle's 12V socket and see if anything changes (AKA bypass battery pack) 2. Do a firmware reflash by following the instructions here...
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    G sensor settings

    Most of our customers do set the g-sensor in continuous recording to very low numbers (1-2). BlackVue's system, along with most dash cam companies, is definitely sensitive and the reasoning is that the dash cam should rather record something than potentially miss out on something important.
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    How to delete files or format without removing the SD card?

    A total wipe is still possible (hold down the Wifi button for 5-10 seconds) but cannot do individual deletion of files, unfortunately.
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    How to delete files or format without removing the SD card?

    Unfortunately, not possible anymore. To remove files, you have to go through the computer via the microSD card.
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    G sensor settings

    Turning the setting to 0 does disable the g-sensor.
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    blackvue dr750x-2ch dash cam Parking mode how long?

    Really depends on the vehicle battery's size and condition. Regular-sized batteries in good condition should last at least 8 hours.
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    Blackboxmy car BI-750 discontinued?

    As it currently stands, capacity will be more or less the same. Any higher and we come across some prohibitions in shipping regulations. But nothing is yet finalized so we're working to see what can be done. An upgrade would be nice, that's for sure.
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    Blackboxmy car BI-750 discontinued?

    Thanks for all the interest and support! Yes, our BI-750 is discontinued but waranty is not affected for those who run into issues with their batteries. We also reserve a healthy amount for such claims. Indeed, we're working on a new battery project but with a loose ETA of 2-4 months from now.
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    U1000 questions

    To answer #1: yes, it's easy to unmount.
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    Thinkware F200 Pro

    The rear cams aren't interchangeable, unfortunately.
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    Dashcam battery on VIOFO A139

    We're discontinued the BI-750 due to sourcing issues with parts, unfortunately. We're still carrying the Cellink Neo and the BlackVue B-124X, and will be coming out with a new battery pack in 2-3 months from now.