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    DR650S-2CH IR Omnitracs Can I used a just Dash Cam?

    Try the default password, blackvue, for the smartphone app. Regarding Cloud, try contacting BlackVue directly at
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    U1000 faulty

    First thing to try is a firmware reflash in this case. The U1000's hard reset is actually by holding down the REC button for about 5 seconds, or until you hear a beep. May not help here if the dash cam is already turning off.
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    ivolt BAB-50 and Cellink Neo Cables Compatible?

    Exact same cables, everything, yes.
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    Recommended Fuse Amperage

    5 amps
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    Blackvue B-124X adn B124E Charging

    They charge in parallel :)
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    Parking mode battery questions

    The batteries come with velcro-backed adhesives - these should allow you to stick the battery onto any surface then use the other piece to stick together with the battery pack. Zip ties may help as well. You can get a 12V power inverter that will charge from a regular home outlet, but this...
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    Q800-What Micro Card To Use?

    Hm, we supply the SanDisk Ultra A1 and constantly use the Samsung Pro Endurance for testing, and don't have issues. May be that the card you got is a fake/has issues.
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    Thinkware F800 Issues

    Motion should be capturing what you described. You're sure the files of the break-in isn't in the incident recording folder? Looking at the last (in terms of timestamp) video file recorded in parking mode, what is the voltage level reading at? You can find that in the bottom left corner of the...
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    Thinkware F800 Issues

    What parking mode feature do you have selected?
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    Latest & Greatest Hardwire Kit Recommendation

    The PM EZ has been discontinued due to numerous compatibility issues. The Power Plus you have is more or less better than the PMP. Thus, an improvement would be a battery pack like the BlackVue B-124X.
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    New Dashcam A129 Pro Duo Plus

    We'll likely be carrying this starting June/July :)
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    Thinkware U1000 cannot pair using thinkware cloud

    Hm, try: 1. Forgetting the network 2. Reinstalling app 3. Firmware reflash for the dash cam Got another phone to try wtih?
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    Thinkware U1000 cannot pair using thinkware cloud

    Did you try turning off smart network switch?
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    Video stuttering after playback file and others

    What microSD card are you using? Got another to try with? What does the video resolution and bitrate show for a random 4K file (right click and select properties, if seeing Windows).
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    Is 900s rear camera bracket removable??

    It's removable but somethings it's really stuck together. Try a twisting and sliding motion. Do be careful as you might break something.