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    Is having GPS on the dash cam important?

    Next to the timestamp it also shows the speed on the video. Also you can see where the car traveled on a map with seperate software. Whether this is useful to you is entirely up to you, and yes you can hide the cam somewhere and later on spy where people drove, as long as it still can receive...
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    will dash cam help fight speed cam ticket?

    Reminds me of a fixed speed trap in my area who seems to be rigged. Seen it flash many cars, even several cars in a row driving like turtles.
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    GS9000 freezes

    I (and many others with a GS9000) have the exact same problem,. Only way I found to get around it is to turn off GPS and Gsensor. Then it never crashes anymore. I asked around on the forums but nobody seems to have a fix :-(
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    GS9000 unboxed.... *ADDED SAMPLE VIDS*

    I have this cam and I have two big issues: - It often crashes when GPS is enabled (cam freezes until battery is drained and date/time gets reset, or I press the reset pin) I have the latest FW from FoxOffer, is there any fix for this? It crashes every three days. No issues when GPS is...
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    Using LiPo battery parking mode instead of voltage limiter

    Re: Using LiPo battery parking mode instead of voltage limit How long would a 200mAh give you? And if you' only enable parking mode when parked at public places, it's feasable to enable recording manually on the cam before leaving the car I think.
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    GS9000 (or others) and Mac support

    I have a GS9000. Indeed if you connect it to your computer (or the microSD card directly) you will get a FAT32 filesystem with MOV files. Normally they should be directly playable on Mac. The GPS data is saved in seperate files and not embedded inside the video file. You need a Windows...
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    close call on country road

    Wow close call! In Belgium such roads often have a speed limit of 90 km/h. So if someone pulls off a risky overtaking you're going towards each other at a combined speed of 180 km/h if you both drive the legal speed limit and congestion isn't slowing anyone down. How come you have it from two...
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    WHAT'S HOT: For $100-150...

    I have a K6000 and it works fine. Video is good, sound is not bad either and the date never gets forgotten. But this model has many fakes. You can easily tell because most fakes have a green timestamp and the real one has smaller white font. Also if you want to read plates, most dashcams won't...
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    Normal camera as dash cam

    GoPro is too expensive, 250 € or so for the cheap version and like 400 € for the other one. A dashcam only costs like 70 € for an HD with acceptable quality. You don't get GoPro quality but you get the convenience of auto-cycle & start/stop and really if it's just to show you're in the right you...
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    Almost Head On Collision - Close Call On Country Road

    I see that regularly here as I take a similar country road during my commute. Could put a compilation together :D
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    MicroSD card problems.

    Yup the card sounds fritz. Amazing though how much data can now be stored on a small micro SD card. Imagine the situations. "I hold on my fingertip the answer to curing all diseases and all DNA sequencing to bring back extinct speci..." *breeze of wind* "Aah, nobody move, everybody stand...
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    MicroSD card problems.

    Are the dashcam videos playable? What happens if you copy things to the SD card and then try to open them from there?
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    Trouble/glitch free dash cam, must be one ?

    From what I hear, the original DVR-027 had awesome reliability. Costs like 40 dollars or so I think. It's not a high end model though, has no GPS or accelerometer and films at a resolution of 720p.
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    Nike Surroundings Utmost Shoes or boots

    I bought a pair of Nike Surroundings Utmost Boots online. The pair came in a plain shoebox, however since this is often the case I didn't think twice about it. Like buying dashcams online, they also often come in unmarked boxes, and fakes look identical from the real. All went ok until I went...
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    found cool car cam

    Lol he's not even trying to be subtle about it.