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    mobius sensor themal tape

    Hi, that's a simple self-adhesive aluminum tape. You find it in your local hardware/DIY store.
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    New firmware for LS430W and LS330W

    Oh, you've right. My mistake, sorry.
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    New firmware for LS430W and LS330W
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    DOD LS400W issues...HELP

    I've the same problem with my DOD LS430W (one year old) since 2 weeks and I also use a 64 GB microSD from ADATA. And the problem is still there since I've changed the microSD to another one with 64GB and also 32GB. But the inner battery works fine. The only thing that I've noticed is, that my...
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    About the SJ4000 Action Camera Original and Copy Version

    And the Power-Button is on the bottom on the faceplate (like on the GoPro) and not on the top.
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    And that's the answer of my request to the manufacturer:
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    This is a fake. The manufacturer hasn't it on his page and the newest SJ4000 is only with WIFI. A official SJ5000 of SJCAM (Viofo) doesn't exists.
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    Contact manufacturer about FW

    The manufacturer is (so I think) SJCAM. "SJCAM" is since some days/weeks a registred trademark. And the new SJ4000 will be produced with a branding on the package and the camera, incl. a new firmware. See FoxOffer link below. (currently under construction)
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    Hidden calibration menu on DOD & clones

    I've tested it on my DOD LS430W (with a 64 GB and 32 GB microSD) and I see only the following screens, and that's all. Nothing happens when I press the OK button.
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    New feature for DOD LS430W in RegistratorViewer 5.5 and above

    I've spoken with Vadim, the programer of the RegistratorViewer, and he has programed a simple GUI (see attachment) for us to change the overlap time value in the program. Unfortunately, he doesn't plan it to make them dependent for different dashcams. Since RegistratorViewer 5.9 and above you...
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    New feature for DOD LS430W in RegistratorViewer 5.5 and above

    The programmer did not believed that so many users will require this feature. That's the reason why he has not created a GUI. I will ask him later if he can program a GUI and make it dependent for different dashcams.
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    New feature for DOD LS430W in RegistratorViewer 5.5 and above

    No, sorry. I use my Mobius only as a helmet action cam without loop recording.
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    LS430W firmware modification

    Does anyone have an idea how I can modify my firmware for the LS430W? I will/must change some string values. 1 minute (or 30 sec.) screen saver value/option, instead of 3 minutes and some other strings. I've tested it with a simple HEX-Editor, but it doesn't work.
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    Computer does not recognize the camera

    Maybe reinstall your default usb drivers from windows? Or use a other usb cable. Btw.: I had many different dashcams and it always better to take out the microSD and connect it over a card reader with the PC.
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    New firmware for LS430W and LS330W

    The LS430W could have problems (on saving) with files larger than 4GB. I've the same issue.