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    Power Magic Pro turns OFF, mystery?

    AS has been said before Check your battery as it can be resting at just under 12v if its getting on a bit in age. To reiterate, I was fitting a PMP to my car which only gets used occasionally and it wouldnt work in parking mode when turned on, in fact wouldnt turn on at all. Took it back...
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    Garmin 66W with parking cable causing battery drain

    Best advice is by a decent camera because that one isnt.
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    How to totally turn off ALL voice stuff?!

    Go through your settings and set all audio announcments to OFF Simples
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    Landscapes / road trips: any advice would be appreciated

    We had a dashcam on a 13000km trip through USA and when we came home got sick of endless tarseal and SFA else.. Many years ago a friend did similar and had a video camera running in the car with the same result Boring as bat****
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    Review: NanoCam+ NCP-MIRDVRHD2 rear view mirror dash cam

    If OP read the ad on Supercheap it says this so is wasting his time trying to get it to stay on without power *Dash cam requires a constant power supply; battery is only designed for emergency power Op says he is new to dashcams which is a bit obvious as plenty of good cameras with HD...
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    Considering Blacksys CH200- Why did you choose this camera?

    This report is wrong as I am running 256gb cards in my BV 750 and DR450 without problems
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    Power Magic Pro turns OFF, mystery?

    As in the other thread about similar problems. Turn the engine on and see what happens
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    Power Magic Pro does not turn on? [Pictures included]

    Read the replies The usual reasons are in there Just because the screw for the earth MIGHT be into metal that metal migh only be connected to plastic. Best way to check earths is to meter ti out to a body part like a hinge or somewhere really solid.
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    "Please check the SD card" audible warning often

    Rubbish I use Sandisk 200GB cards in 3 cameras and hardly ever look at them and certainly dont format them for months at a time. My two old cards , a Samsung Evo nad a Sandisk Ultra are coming up to 4 years old and still work perfectly
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    Few questions about the 900s - desperate and gonna lose my job

    The only think flawed is your brain for not knowing how dashcams work and firing ahead with out doing your research. They WILL play continuously if you use the Blackvue viewer. Another alternative is to put all the video files into something like Wondershare Video converter and join them all...
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    Random Rebooting

    MAke sure the power supply is at least 1 amp
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    Which brand 128GB for DR750-2ch?

    What a load of crap I have been using 5 different model BV cameras since 2012 and have NEVER had problems either with cards or cameras using them. I use Sandisk ( Oh dear woe is me ) and Samsung cards with out problems So I suggest you really dont know too much as using expressions like...
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    SD card Issues when removed from DR900S

    So you put it in your PC and formatted it as Fat32 I presume. IF so it will only show 32Gb because thats all a windows format can show You either need to format it in the camera or use an utility like gui format x64 or similar
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    Stealth & Plain Black Front Dash Cam

    Just so you know the word Blackvue on the camera end is not just advertising It is used as an indicator of the angle of the lens Usually two clicks down at the front is the right orientation to get 1/3 sky 2/3 of what you really want. How many knew that.