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  • Hi All the cameras you have do you sell any in the UK. if not why not. I love the fact they are so close to the screen reduces the chance of dash glare. they also seem very well made.

    I would love to have the money to Import them and sell them in the UK.
    Love your attention to details
    I can offer my free:) translation services-I can translate from Eng to Polish. Polish people would appropriate good dash cam with Polish txt.
    I'm a Linux Engineer and I don't mind getting my hands dirty with your firmware and provide translation in the format you need it to be.
    I can also sign up for a beta test but you have to prepare yourself for VERY detailed reports!
    Thanks Chris, will keep it in mind if we get any distribution inquiry from your country, we've done business in Poland before with other product but the customers generally provide the translation, appreciate your offer
    Hi jokiin,

    Your new camera sounds intriguing. I'd like to purchase one of the early units, when possible.

    I'm not looking for a "free" beta-test. However, I know that by getting an early production run it's bound to be a little rough on the edges. This is what I value, because you'll be in a mode where you can make improvements in later runs.
    we'll announce in the forum when they are ready, first production run is only for field testing, mass production will be done after that's finished
    I also would appreciate knowing if you have a website, or can direct me to the cameras you sell.
    we don't currently sell online, we are talking to some distributors in different countries though and should have something in place in time for release of the new models
    Cheers, looking forward, they do look the business.

    I learn on this and other fora you are a reliable manufacturer/seller of dashcams. Do you have a webshop? Do you sell small devices as the 0801, or do you envisage to have something like that shortly?

    Look forward to your reply,

    Wim van Helden, Holland
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