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    Thanks. Lisa

    Thanks. Lisa
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    RUIYOU Announcement to Customers Suppliers

    RUIYOU "StreetGuardian" Announcement to Customers Suppliers
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    SG9663DC - freezes when trying to set speed unit

    Update to the latest firmware if you haven't already, reload it if you hadn't updated recently, will reset everything back to defaults
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    Battery Sharing

    power draw is no issue, parking mode runtime would be halved is the only issue as such
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    Metadata for when g-sensor was activated?

    the g-sensor meta data is not logged
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    30fps v 60fps

    you're never going to have no blur in every situation, it's an unrealistic expectation of any dashcam
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    Replacement for A119S

    I think it is but not 100% sure on that, I'm sure someone else will be able to confirm, that said the mounts don't last forever and I'd be inclined to buy another GPS mount for the few extra dollars now and just keep it as a spare if they are compatible, you'll have a new camera and a years old...
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    Replacement for A119S

    Have a look at the A119V3, basically a 2k version of what you have now
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus Thread

    they haven't learnt anything, massive police presence sent them back to keyboard warrior mode
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    install rear camera on 2012-2020 Grand Caravan

    run through the roof lining, 6m should be fine
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    Is the camera supposed to turn off with parking mode on?

    yeah they don't follow the industry standard, that said though the cables are labeled and the installer obviously didn't pay attention to that
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    HELP please! Rear cam X2WRC323 - connecor to SGGCX2PRO broken

    Thanks, will ask @Street Guardian USA to follow up with you and get the cable sorted
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    SG9633DCPro+ not recording first minute after starting car

    I'll have @Street Guardian USA follow up with you, there's a problem with the front camera, we'll get that replaced for you
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    Car alarm false triggering

    Your alarm sounds like it has a voltage drop detect function, fairly common feature, your battery may have degraded enough over time that it's reaching the point where it falls into range for the low voltage cutoff detect to start triggering
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    Busy on not so secret project for the last few months

    no ridiculous medical system there you have medical emergencies there that can leave you with 100k debt, have the same in Australia and you pay nothing, when I say nothing though it does actually cost you 1.5% extra income tax, pretty small price to pay