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    Wi-Fi Android App problems

    You will never achieve 100% especially on android as there are over 14,000 variations of android. iOS is easier but still the nuances of swift/objective-c means you will never achieve 100%.
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    Wi-Fi Android App problems

    Generally speaking we have a 90% success rate for WiFi connections. It's not as easy as you think.
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    UK ***LOT*** 29 Cameras + More

    Every product you seem has been tested to work. They have not been sold and are still considered brand new. From left to right (starting at the top). Top row (first row): 1 x CCTV Camera 2 x Mirror Camera 1 x Generic Chinese Dash Camera 1 x Police/Body Camera 1 x G50 Dash Camera Second...
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    Let's Start A Revolution... Today!

    Dash camera's contrary to popular belief are not 'mainstream' they are surely more mainstream than they were 5 years ago or even a year ago, but market penetration is minuscule and is only estimated to be crossing the 3bill (yes that is small) in 2022 - the 3bill mark is usually what is deemed...
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    Runcam 3 and Gopro's Session patent infringement

    Patents are incredibly complex, and simply stating: the first action camera was actually a similar design, simplifies it to a level that isn't fair on the defendant or plaintiff. Design patents are notoriously hard to enforce, however, when it a huge corporation vs a small manufacturer, even if...
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    JooVuu X2: New Feature: Light Sensor

    Well we have certainly been quiet, and that’s completely on purpose. We don’t want to announce things that aren’t ready and over hyped, but I also understand that people are genuinely interested in the product and want to know. I was a little bit foolish in ‘teasing’ on DCT about a new feature...
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    Any new "quality" cameras in the Works?

    That information we won't be releasing until much later on. What we'll release are features when we have implemented and tested them like the one today. The information around bitrate, codec, and lens quality won't be released for a while. Bitrates will be constantly changing and evolving...
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    Any new "quality" cameras in the Works?

    We've actually simplified a lot. The announcement is only a tiny feature of the new dash camera. I'll go into more detail in the blog post :).
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    Any new "quality" cameras in the Works?

    Our next camera will certainly be different and unique and like nothing done before. We'll be posting a blog tomorrow announcing a new small feature that hasn't been done or is available on the market at the moment. We've also brought all the engineering in house into the UK and we're even...
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    JooVuu X Apps Source Code

    JooVuu X Android/iOS/PC Source Code If you just want to see the source code, please skip to the bottom of this post. If you want to know why we are releasing the source code and what we hope this means, please continue to read. There is constantly talk about creating an open source dash...
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    How many dash cams are there in the USA?

    Sorry I didn't define: Dash cams are classes as vehicle cameras such as ones on trains, trams, busses, refuse vehicles, street cleaners, and the ones you cars. Car dash cams are relatively new compared to the above ones. PS I also clearly stated that this was NOT accurate but gave...
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    How many dash cams are there in the USA?

    Roughly the dash camera market is worth about 2.2billion USD worldwide. This is anticipated to increase to 4b USD worldwide by 2020. This is based on readily available research and our own research. It gets complicated in estimating how many dash cameras there are as with cross boarder buying...
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    Data research for location sharing app

    The biggest problem (and everyone is guilty of it) is falling in love with your product rather than asking: what problem am I solving for my target market? Trust me, it's very hard not to fall in love with your product, so it's best to try and start a good habit early.
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    4K on YouTube with Safari doesn't work

    Just a heads up y'all.․com-no-longer-supports-4k-video-playback-in-safari/ Edit: If I'd known this was my 1000th post I would have made it far more interesting.
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    What I Want in a Dashcam

    From a manufacturers perspective, putting out an open source dash camera is not financially viable and could be catastrophic for the brand.