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    "Please check the time settings"

    Has anyone come across this error yet? My CR500 has recently began announcing this error when I start the vehicle, immediately followed by "video recording begins". Could this be a bad internal battery?
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    LS400W Blurry When Hot

    They sure do focus well on the reflection then.
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    LS400W Blurry When Hot

    Are these cameras fixed focus? I have noticed something with this and one other camera I have - when it is "hot" (sunny) the cameras appear to be blurry. If the cameras are NOT fixed focus, the issue is that they are focusing on the reflection that is projected on the windscreen and not on the...
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    mini permanent mount and Polarizer Mod

    Any vignetting with this setup?
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    mini permanent mount and Polarizer Mod

    Would you share the link for the mini mount please? Thank you.
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    DOD LS400W

    I had the same issue. It is not intended for quick removal as they state.
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    Need cam: small, park mode, mac friendly, wifi, <$350?

    I have both the FineVu 500 and Blackvue 500. The FineVu has no Mac software but VLC plays them just fine. The Blackvue has Mac software. The Blackvue lost its' GPS on the first hot (87°F) day after installation. Removing the GPS battery seems to have fixed the issue but now has slow GPS lock...
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    Trouble/glitch free dash cam, must be one ?

    Guido - did you have problems with blurry video when it was hot?
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    found cool car cam

    I like this camera. The only thing I see missing (firmware update) would be the speed stamp on the video. $399 on Amazon is way too much. I would buy at $180-200 if heat does not provide any problems.
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    BlackVue DR500GW-HD firmware v1.008 (En, Rus,..)

    I do not think you can upgrade the firmware via a Mac as it is not packaged for us. I have "upgraded" an SD card in my netbook I keep handy just for this reason just to get the newer viewer for Mac. What I can do is post the Blackvue folder that was extracted out if you like.
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    blackvue 500 firmware 1.008e

    Where is the switch to turn off GPS in parking mode?
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    LS400W Blurry When Hot

    I think what all manufacturers need to incorporate into their designs are external heat sinks as some early Blackvue owners have done.
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    LS400W Blurry When Hot

    I purchased from e-prance off Amazon US and they have been great so far in trying to help with: 1. Blurry picture 2. Updating firmware 3. Shaking in the camera mount - the mounting hardware is tight and suctioned to the windscreen, however due to the slim design and hanging down so far I get...
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    DOD LS400W

    dvas - possible to post a video or a still from your sample? Mine is blurry after heating up. Thank you.
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    Trim ring removal

    Thank you all. For the time being I will leave it as is. Once I figure out detailed instructions to remove it I will, then spray it matte black as I did with by Blackvue 500.