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    Professional CCTV vs Dash Cams (real WDR vs WDR)

    Dahua IPC-HFW8331E-Z5 Dahua IPC-HFW81230E-Z Viofo A129 VicoVation OPIA2
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    DDpai X3 PRO (2CH + Cloud)

    DDpai X3 PRO [Hisilicon Hi3559 + Omnivision OS05A10] (High Hardware specification dual camera with Could System) Specs: + Hisilicon Hi3559 (1600p front camera + 1080p Rear camera) one of the best SOC for dash cams, is able to support all sensor modes included: Twin-light, Starvis, HDR (even...
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    A129 or A119 v3?

    There is a quick comparison of A119 v3 against A129 and other TOP competitors:
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    Parking Mode settings - various settings and results

    See below parking modes presentation (pros and cons): + Motion-detection + 3-10sec pre-rec motion-detection (time buffered) + Low-bitrate + Time lapse + Parking monitor / parking guard (Dash camera vs car keyer)
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    Galaxy S9 not connecting to DDPai Mini3. Please Help.

    Currently mini3 is not compatibile with Android Oreo (S8/S9), you need to use "older" phone to connect with the camera, then please run DDpai App > me > firmware update > DDpai app will notify you that there is a new firmware update avaiable (please do this update). After firmware update you...
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    Don't Forget to Check Your Memory Card......

    depends on memory cart type, lifespan will be shorter or longer... there is 3 types of memory memory card: TLC - up to 5 000 times read/write single cell (recommended for smartphones etc), MLC - up to 10 000 times read/write single cell (perfect for dash cams...), SLC - up to 100 000 times...
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    Thinkware F750 Card Error

    so far only 128GB memory cards are 100% compatible...everything higher make problems, currently I try to use this one (Lexar MicroSDXC 200GB): and the problem is: - on exFAT camera starting with warning message "please format memory card" (even if is already formatted from the device...
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    Thinkware F750 Card Error

    F750 Firmware 1.00.15 with microSDXC to big SD adaptor with 512GB memory card and.... FAIL:( Looks like camera starting normally for about 6sec (led blinking normally) then camera gets restarts (no led lights for about 1sec) and again 6sec > no led... there is no warning messages or any voice...
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    Gopro Hero 5 - when ?

    Ambarella introducing the new SOC > Ambarella S5 (april, 2016), Ambarella S5 Features: Ambarella low-power architecture combined with 14nm FinFET technology enables 4Kp30 encoding, including DDR, at less than 1.4 Watts H.265/HEVC Main/Main10 Profile Level 5.1 encoding up to 4Kp60 with...
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    Pics that make you smile

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    Street Guardian SG9665GC vs Xiaomi CAR DVR (2016)- [Sony Exmor IMX322 vs Aptina AR0230]

    I think XiaoYi doesn't has much experience regarding "how make a dashcam" and what problems can appear in real world, like heat (from sun), anyway, I believe that AR0230 has big potential and can be very strong and serious image sensor in next dash cams (if will be build well), I mention this...
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    Street Guardian SG9665GC vs DOD LS470W [Sony Exmor IMX322 vs Sony Exmor IMX322]

    Of course, always capacitor is more safe and more reliable than battery, this is definitely big positive pros for SG (I point this in the review in pros), In some countries (like UK) when is 1% sun / 99% rain - per year, battery has some chance to survive few years without any problem (Of...
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    [Big News]Original Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR is coming!!!!

    Believe but Xiomi DVR compared with other cameras like (NTK+AR0330, NTK+IMX322) is the best dashcam so far for catch number plates/object sharp in-motion (of course in daylight, but even on night time has more chance than rest dashcams on the market), I compared many dashcams and only with...
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    new problem LS460W

    Camera Sensor is faulty (dry joints on Hub lines between CPU and IMX322 sensor) very rare problem in cameras with Sony IMX...
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    [Big News]Original Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR is coming!!!!

    Sensor type is Aptina Ar0230 the same like on this movie: but only with HDR aptina AR0230 has that great performance (like above) so far there is no option for activate HDR (and check DLO mode) :/ but I believe that change soon (fw...