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    Deciding on my first dashcam

    If i were you, i would chose the livue without hesitation. Because livue is stable, especially it has a clear picture at night.
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    English facebook for Livue

    it's not available? I found all are korean language :roll:
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    LB100 HELP!

    You can change settings inserting SD card into your android, iphone or desktop. There's configuration setting in Viewer application (or PC viewer program), all settings can be done with it; including video timing. download livue android app and insert sd card into your phone.
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    Hands on the Livue LB100. $100 korean 720p dashcam

    I recently purchased Livue lb100 from ebay and now very pleased with it.. lol had a blackvue dr400 season2 in my car, but it was out of order quite soon after receiving because of heating issue and GPS problem. It got repaired twice but is now broken down again. I was considerably looking for...