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    Most reliable dash cam?

    I have a vicovation EZ model for over two years in my work truck run on average 12 hours a day never had a problem. The charger never gets hot and running on 24v most others have died.
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    Any other G50 reviews?

    I have a G50 had no problems with it at all good audio the G90 is crap audio good clean recordings sits behind the mirror i forget its there.
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    LDWS and FCWS problem

    My view on these things if you need these to drive. YOU NEED YOUR LICENSE TAKING AWAY. YOUR EYEBALLS AND BRAIN IN YOUR HEAD ARE FOR THAT
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    Shenzhen DOME--- [Leading Manufacturer of Car DVR] -- Brand/OEM/ODM

    I have the BL 850/G50 it does not have wifi or led lights. So your asking for firmware for a camera that does not support wifi. The G50/BL850 is a good little dashcam. The only place i have seen the G55 with leds and wifi is on the Dome website never seen it for sale on any other sellers websites
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    Why did you buy a dash cam?

    Say your at the traffic lights they turn to green and the car in front selects reverse instead of a forward gear boots it and bangs into you then tell the cops you ran into him. That is one reason to have a dash cam. There are many more things that happen and you are covered. It not all about...
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    A collapse in prices. BlackVue, Lukas, etc. Retail and wholesale. From Korea.

    When i bought my Vico Vation EZ from Korea i got hit with import duties of about £20 iirc.
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    Tire got slashed by neighbor. What should I buy?

    It was only said in jest. English sense of humor
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    I see JooVuu only have a few left so get in quick you will be pleased with this dashcam.
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    Yes that parts ok the G50 is only small very light.
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    Its not got hot yet felt it after one hours running and not even warm. The mount is good and strong holds good. But i tend to clean the area with one of those glasses cleaning wipes first. I bought two G90 models for family in Thailand they sitting in hot pickups trucks all the time and they...
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    Ordered two more today one for the rear of my Smart car and one for family member
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    I bought one of these from JooVuu and i,am well impressed all clips very clear and the audio is as good as my Vico Vation EZ i use in my truck and that is good. Its got the same chip and 330 lenses has the G1WH but a better build quality.On the specs it says led lights but does not have them...
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    One too many beers?

    He forgot he did not have a trailer on because you put opposite steer on with a trailer on. Its easy to do when unit only.