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    Is DOD LS460W the best video quality camera out at the moment?

    In Israel you get 2 years warranty on DOD products. I have the LS460W for more than a year now, and the camera is still working like on the first day that i received her. The LS460W have better video quality than other cameras, especially in poor lighting conditions. I compared my LS460W to my...
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    G90C MP4 instead of MOV?

    This is how it should looks like with a camera that have 170 degrees view angle. Put the resolution to 2560X1080, this is the optimal resolution for you to get the best video quality.
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    how long should I wait for the 'ultimate' 2-channel system?

    U.S.A the place where cars are cheap. My dream is to buy a Mustang, maybe in the future.
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    first hit for my mini 0805

    Video is private?
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    The Lawless

    All European countries will regret the day they gave these Muslims to enter their countries. Most of them just migrant workers that want better life, some of them are refugees. They will not suddenly become civilized, They will live in close communities, and impose on everyone their religion and...
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    Got my LS460W
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    Two accident within a month in the same roundabout and almost a third one.

    Traffic regulation of a roundabout in israel says that you need to give the right of way to the traffic that crosses your path. In this case we had the same path, i entered into the right lane and he was in the left lane, and we both continued straight. But when he exit the roundabout he cut...
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    Two accident within a month in the same roundabout and almost a third one.

    First accident: The car that hit me was in the left lane ,and when he exit from the roundabout he cut my lane. You can see the pickup truck at the beginning of the video does the same thing. If he was keeping on his lane nothing would have happened, like this...
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    I can't view the last file of the camera.

    No problems with the LS460W until now, the camera is working very good. It is difficult to replace the battery? And what kind of battery should I buy? If you can add a link it would really help.
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    I can't view the last file of the camera.

    I just now noticed that every last file of my GT680W can't be open and view. I tried all the media software on my computer, and they all say that the file is corrupted or that they can't read its format. There is a way to watch these videos, or is it a lost case?
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    Got my LS460W

    My car or windscreen are not new. Are you using CPL filter? My day video is good and sharp only because of the CPL filter, without him the dashboard is reflected in the windscreen and everything becomes blurred.
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    Got my LS460W

    The camera went into the store's inventory at the end of October. I got the camera in 26/10. If you take into account that only the shipping from China to Israel takes about a month or two, so the dates are ok.
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    Got my LS460W

    09/14 After watching your video, I think it would be better if you direct the camera down and capture less sky.
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    Got my LS460W

    Are you talking about the little sticker in the form of a clock? If the focus and everything else is fine with the camera, there is no reason that you be unable to capture number plates clearly.
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    Got my LS460W!Yo5VSZhD!8Z-lnb2HEY4oB41SAyT9oZJ4GzvD5A_7uBfKl49h0bs