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    Camera freezing?

    Hi, I've had this camera for well over a year now, and I have the same issue still and its irritating, hopefully there is a fix Camera freezes with the screen on at random, remedies tried: 1. swapped 128GB genuine Samsung EVO Plus to genuine 256GB Samsung EVO Plus. The 256GB freezes less...
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    Firmware 129 Plus

    Does anyone here have any experience with the camera getting frozen over time? Sometimes at random the camera LCD stays stuck on and stops recording, this has been an issue since I first had this camera. Running latest firmware 1.4 with time lapse parking mode on, hard wired. SD card is a...
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    Firmware 129 Plus

    I updated my 129 plus duo with emmc to 1.4 front and 1.3 rear; have they resolved the random freezing issues with the original 1.0 firmware? I’m not happy buffered parking mode was never included, but i do ask that the camera is reliable at least.
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    Viofo A129 Plus - the third Viofo dashcam with 21:9 UltraWide aspect ratio

    is this 21:9 mode simply cropped? If you’re not getting any additional detail due to sensor limitations, i can’t see why or how it would be useful, with the exception of a smaller file size.
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    Flashing REC LED, black unresponsive screen after 1 day.

    it’s buffered parking that causes the crash overnight for me. Have not had an issue since i switched it over to time lapse.
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    Flashing REC LED, black unresponsive screen after 1 day.

    I'm pretty certain this crash is related to buffered parking mode now. Switched it to time lapse and it hasn't crashed in 2 days.
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    512GB support?

    Hi, I saw that VIOFO had beta firmware that enabled 512GB support for other cameras, is there anything for this camera? @viofo I tried to use my 512GB Genuine Samsung EVO Select in both exFat and FAT32, both cause the camera to have errors.
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    Parking Mode - Auto Event Detection Issue, Happens when its too hot, Stuck in Black Screen and red recording light is Blinking.

    Yes, same problem on my camera. I got this camera strictly for auto event detection but if it crashes in the middle of the night, it's useless. I am using Time Lapse as I did on my old A119 Pro for now, but would much rather VIOFO actually fix the problem. Have they even acknowledged this issue?
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    Firmware change request: Support for SD cards > 128 GB

    Confirmed 256GB Samsung EVO (Red) card works just fine in my V3.
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    Firmware 119PRO

    That's my video, probably same beta firmware that's making the rounds, I used 1440p 30fps, WDR off. It's still blurry and noisy in extremely dark lighting, but color saturation, sharpness and "darker" scenes are acceptable now. I won't upgrade until there is confirmation of a significant...
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    A119 PRO?!?

    I get maybe 3 hours on a 32GB card, so assume double that.
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    A119 PRO?!?

    It appears Viofo needs to tweak the ISO during times of extreme low light. Take a look at this video I uploaded; skip to around 0:32 to see the issue. I'm sure Viofo is aware of this and are hard at work. :)
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    A119 PRO?!?

    Does anyone use Parking mode on this dashcam? My understanding of how parking mode works is that it will only record files when the G-sensor is triggered; My G-sensor setting is at low, and parking mode is enabled, but it's recording in a continuous loop instead of only impact events which...
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    Question regarding hardwire kit (Meknic SV-PC01)

    Hi, I've seen various hardwire kits with battery protection, but this particular one has a confusing statement: Shows that the cutoff range is 12V-11.2V, is this stating that the kit will cut power anywhere between 12V-11.2V, or that it will cut off at 11.2V (which I feel is way too low)? I...
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    A119 PRO?!?

    I'm ok with waiting for firmware updates, and backreading a few pages, it appears they're already aware of the night quality issues as it seems beta software has improved the night quality. I'm coming from a Blackvue DR500GW which was an absolute junk unit.