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    DOD LS400W promotion
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    Looking to buy a LS300w or LS400, few questions

    W is for WDR(Wide Dynamic Range), LS400W has built-in WDR Technology.
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    car camera direct

    Which model have you bought?
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    F500LHD experience

    Looking forward to your videos :D
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    DOD VRH3 doesn't work.

    Press the reset button may work
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    Strange power issue gs1000

    As I know the Ambarella A2S processor isn't compatible with external power bank.
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    Memory card ?

    It should use a class 10 memory card, those don't support class 10 may have problems.
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    Suggestion for dash cam, any help appreciated

    We got this camera: HD Dual lens car dash camera X8000, it has Dual 180 degree rotating lens. Some features are: 2.0 inch LCD screen Built-in 140 degree high resolution dual wide angle lens Dual 180 degree rotating lens You can check here for detailed information...
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    DOD F520LS

    Yes DOD F520LS can record at 1280 x 720(60fps) :)
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    DoD F520

    Well F520 is discontinued and they don't provide firmware updates.
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    Mi Alerts

    Sounds cool! :D
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    Standalone GPS logger suggestions

    Does your camera have a GPS interface? If so you can put a G-Mouse on it and would work.
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    Here is another site writes car cam review:
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    DR32 as an action-cam

    Looking forward to your videos :)
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    Hello from ProDriverUK

    Which cam do you use now? Do you have some pictures?