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    VicoVation Vico-Opia2 and Vico-Power PLUS

    Hi Saj, thank you very much for your support on our Opia2 and we greatly appreciate you taking your time to communicate with us. We will make sure the team hears your suggestions and consider adding them into our future updates or products.
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    [Review]Vico-Opia 2 (VicoVation)

    Thank you very much for your detailed suggestions and feedback. We will be sure to have our team take your thoughts into considerations for our future models. It's too bad that we hadn't seen your messages before and offered our help, we apologize for it. We hope with our future updates and...
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    [Review]Vico-Opia 2 (VicoVation)

    Hi c4rc4m! Have you tried to upgrade to the latest firmware? If yes, please email us some of your night time videos at We will be happy to take a look at your videos and give you a response.
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    Vico Opia 2

    @TexasDan We are still working on it. This is a limitation caused by Ambarella chipset rather than our software.
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    VicoVation Brand New Entry Level Dashcam Vico-MF1

    Introducing VicoVation’s brand new entry level dashcam - Vico-MF1. Equipped with Ambarella high end A12 processor and 2-megapixel image sensor, MF1's Full HD videos are crystal clear in both day and night. The camera is now stealthier with its new premium aluminum design and multi-directional...
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    VicoVation Vico-Opia2 and Vico-Power PLUS

    Dear DCT members, For those of you who wants to know know more about VicoVation's 2016 Premium dash cam 1440p model Vico-Opia2 and premium battery discharge prevention device Vico-Power PLUS, here's a list of reviews done by reviews online for you to check out. Vico-Opi2 Reviews...
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    Vico-MF2 GPS

    Hi Nick, Sorry for the late reply. Here are some answers for you. I hope these helps. 1. There are not settings for GPS on this model. If you have the GPS module connected, you should be able to get the tracking information when you are watching the playback videos. You may also trying...
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    Has Vico-MF3 been released yet?

    Hi @jsan Vicodirect is one of our authorized dealers. You may also purchase your unit on from here.
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    Vico Marcus 5 - testdrive at day and night

    Hi @Jasmine, no, we only made one type of 52mm CPL Filter.
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    VicoVation Marcus 3 SDCard capacity compatibility?

    Hi @Witch, we highly recommend you stick with 64GB memory cards as we have not tested 128GB memory cards on Marcus3. Btw, River Colony Trading is not one of our current authorized dealers. If you purchase units from him and anything shall happen to it, you might not be able to claim your warranty.
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    [Review]Vico-Opia 2 (VicoVation)

    Hi @jazzbug, Yes, all the functions have their own settings to be turned on and off.
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    [Review]Vico-Opia 2 (VicoVation)

    @dtm320i Yes, you can simply unplug the given GPS module and turn off the G-sensor in the settings.
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    [Review]Vico-Opia 2 (VicoVation)

    Hi @dtm320i Yes, there is a speed stamp on/off option on Opia2.
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    information will be available later

    Hi @dhavie Like we stated in the other post, the Lithium Battery that is inside the MF3 is not the traditional Lithium Batteries that everybody uses. The kind we are using was newly introduced to the dash cam market called Lithium Cobalt Oxide Batteries. Lithium cobalt oxide batteries are safer...
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    Vico Opia 2

    Hi @dtm320i This should cover most of the things you want to know. Resolution: Opia2's highest resolution is 2560 x 1440p @ 30fps HDR (2K Ultra HD), it is also able to record under 1920 x 1080p @ 60fps MF2 GPS's highest resolution is 2304 x 1296p @ 30fps (Extreme HD), it is also able to record...