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    This lady almost stopped me from going to Chick Fil A!

    It would also be great to see more opinions from other users.
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    This lady almost stopped me from going to Chick Fil A!

    Priority to the right is used on uncontrolled intersections. If an intersection has STOP sign then it is controlled. And if you were on a main road then there would be a STOP or yield sign for the white car. If you can show me the law that applies for the situation in your video that would be...
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    This lady almost stopped me from going to Chick Fil A!

    Isn't there "Priority to the right" law in your country?
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    A118 Novatek 96650 Full HD 1080P Car Camera DVR

    Hi I don't own this camera but I'm planning to order one. I have few questions about memory cards. 1. Is there any benefit of using a UHS-I or is it best to use just class 10 card. 2. Some users posted that 64 GB card works with this camera. Can you format them in camera or do you have to format...
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    Driving in Munich City - Deutschland/Germany in Europe

    I think that any video editing software can do it, even Windows Movie Maker has this option.
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    YouTube Dash Cam Directory

    Hi I don't know if the listings here are only from English speaking countries then ignore my post. But if you want add some other countries too the I have to offer a channel from Estonia TheEstTraffic
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    VicoVation TF2+ Review

    Hi Milamber Nice review. I have a question, are there gaps between the files or is the video seamless.
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    Videos from Estonia

    Hi I have Youtube channel TheEstTraffic, where I put mostly videos about bad driving. At the the time I`m using SmartCam 2 and the quality is not good (planning to buy a better cam). Some examples and feel free to watch other videos on my channel:
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    love.taiwan - Vico TF2+

    Hi I`m planning to get Vico-TF2+ and saw this offer in Ebay from love.taiwan. Does anybody have experience with this seller. The camera has good price and there is free shipping worldwide.