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  1. Street Guardian USA

    Any new development or dash cam in the works?

    We still sell everything Street Guardian via OCD Tronic . I decided to consolidate everything into one company and site because it was getting too complicated and expensive to maintain two physical entities, sets of books, Amazon stores, various subscription fees, etc.
  2. Street Guardian USA

    No power to unit SC9667DC2K

    Your support ticket was just received a minute ago. We just responded with an action plan. Standing by to help.
  3. Street Guardian USA

    Any new development or dash cam in the works?

    I’m not sure why the Australian site lost price is so high. They don’t really sell many direct in Australia anyway its all dealers with whole sale prices there. We have not raised prices in the USA. The only thing new is we have decided to combine two businesses into one. Street Guardian...
  4. Street Guardian USA

    Any new development or dash cam in the works?

    The SG9667DC2K is the latest model. Might have news to share at some point but nothing just yet.
  5. Street Guardian USA

    Camera won't turn on

    Please open a Support ticket here
  6. Street Guardian USA

    SG9663DCPro+ Intermittent/Random single beep while driving

    Beeping while driving is letting you know the camera is having trouble recording. The number one calls of this is a failing memory card. The number two cause is an intermittent rear camera. Communication issue from a bad bad camera port or rear port on the main camera. The DC models always...
  7. Street Guardian USA

    Rear camera is intermittent

    Hello, If the pre-install worked, it sounds like either the rear camera port or the front main camera rear report has been stressed and or damaged in some way. Please open a support ticket.
  8. Street Guardian USA

    Firmware Update 16 March 2023

    I'll ask the office to repackage the zip download to include the instructions and change log. It fixed a bug where the date time stamp would disappear when using certain time zones. (that was the main bug I submitted)
  9. Street Guardian USA

    Firmware Update 16 March 2023

    I used to use TapaTalk to get instant notifications from this form, but that no longer works and sometimes don’t get emails. The firmware wasn’t a dud. It just was not packaged in the zip correctly.
  10. Street Guardian USA

    Firmware Update 16 March 2023

    The zip file was not packaged correctly. It should be updated now. Re-tested since then.
  11. Street Guardian USA

    Street Guardian SG9663DC Dual Channel 5 years later

    @niko might be able to help since you’re in the UK RTC button battery going out would explain the date not holding and the camera not being able to loop properly
  12. Street Guardian USA

    Cameras with 12V power input

    USB Type C should be 5V, I'm not aware of a 12V USB C spec.
  13. Street Guardian USA

    Street Guardian SG9665GC is very blurry

    @Film Guy is there a question we didn’t answer you still have? I only handle USA Sales & Support, but I can always forward any special parts requests to the Sydney office if ever needed.
  14. Street Guardian USA

    Street Guardian SG9665GC is very blurry

    That’s a lot of old news and we don’t even use those suppliers any more. Again latest SG products are the best they have ever been. It’s been a long evolution improving things as needed along the way.
  15. Street Guardian USA

    Street Guardian SG9665GC is very blurry

    Anything we replaced for someone months or years ago has been good to go since. We've changed lens suppliers several times since 2013. Our latest products have the best track record to date, no focus shift. It was only a small percentage before that as well.
  16. Street Guardian USA

    How to remove write protection to reformat SD card in SG9665GC?

    The SG9665GC doesn’t have a rear camera. I think maybe you list the wrong model number. It sounds like a bad memory card. The DashCam won’t have anything to do with write protecting the card. If you’re using the microSD to SD adapter it’s possible you have the lever switched to read only...
  17. Street Guardian USA

    SGGCX2 mounting bracket

    Hello yes that’s correct. Same mount
  18. Street Guardian USA

    Camera acting funny

    Seems unusual if you’re sure it’s not the memory card or power supply. Open a support ticket so we can check warranty status and or offer a discounted main unit drop in replacement.
  19. Street Guardian USA

    So What's the Current Version of the SG9663DC?

    We have spare gps modules please send us a support email or pm for links.
  20. Street Guardian USA

    SG9663DC with external waterproof rear cam.

    It’s going to be the same price as the SGR291CAM We’ll create a new listing soon now that we have spare new parts to create an updated rear camera bundle. Send us a pm or support email to make earlier arrangements.