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    The most reliable dashcam - not looking for cheap

    I've been on this forum for a couple of years. My current dashcam is / was a Blackvu 500. I had it installed during two accidents. Both were 100% not my fault. In the first accident, I was lightly rear-ended, and with the video, the other driver's insurance company didn't even discuss it...
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    My BlackVue DR500GWHD let me down

    I had a minor accident last night. I was 100% not at fault. The other guy was going fast, in reverse, not looking, and backed into me. I was completely unhurt, but my car is totaled. I pulled out the microSD and looked today and it had stopped recording about 3 weeks ago. It didn't give me...
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    Do the 600 and 500 use the same power supply and mounting?

    I have a 500, which takes good videos, but the GPS and time no longer work. I think it's a hardware problem and I need to replace it. Everything is already professionally installed in the car. What I am wondering is, if I get the 600, can I replace it without replacing the mounting and...
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    AC adapter for the DR500GW-HD?

    Hi, I have the DR500GW-HD. I would like to get an AC adapter for it so I could use it for home security if needed. What type should I get? Thanks!
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    Covert home security camera needed

    Hi, my friend is pretty sure that her landlord is entering her apartment when she is not home. This is called trespassing and is very disturbing to her, and it's disturbing to me too because it means her safety is at risk. She need a covert camera to capture evidence of this. There are many...
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    Bought my first dash cam - BlackVue DR500GW-HD

    There are so many unlicensed drivers here. There are 20,000 hit and runs in Los Angeles every year apparently, and LAPD doesn't care, and in fact LAPD has an official policy of not penalizing unlicensed drivers. What am I paying taxes for again? I've concluded that needing a dashboard cam is...