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  1. Mtz

    Viofo A119 V3 Quad HD+ with Sony Starvis IMX335 - factory sample tests

    In this thread can post anybody who have a V3 factory sample version of A119 sent by @viofo After my first tests I can say the Sony IMX335 Starvis is the CMOS of the year! and even the A119 is not a new model it can become dashcam of the year because of its price and quality of image offered by...
  2. Mtz

    IP camera wrong time by one hour

    I have 3 IP camera models from 2 manufacturers. All 3 are 1 hour back and I don't know why. If I made time sync by using a NTP server in camera settings and adding the GMT +3 (because of summer hour instead of GMT +2) the time is correct for few minutes then is back 1 hour early. Checking the...
  3. Mtz

    Fan noise from NVR

    I ordered from internet some no-name 16CH NVR with 4K output. The CCTV part for me is not very important, it is more a hobby so I don't want to spend too much money on it. I returned it in the same day without installing it just because when I powered it on, the fan was too noisy for my...
  4. Mtz

    Viofo A119S Official Beta firmware

    Posted by @viofo in another thread: B4.02: A new beta firmware for testing. 1. Updated to the latest SDK 2. WDR improved 3. Add sharpness option 4. Support .TS video format. enjoy, Mtz
  5. Mtz

    Viofo MLC cards 32GB and 64GB

    I see Viofo released MicroSD cards as 32GB and 64GB and is good to see that they are using MLC technology. But for A129 Duo I was expecting 128GB size because of dual cameras recording. @viofo have you plans to release 128GB cards? enjoy, Mtz
  6. Mtz

    The list of shame fake 4K dash cameras Ultra HD

    We can win only if we will return back to sellers the false advertised products! More returns, more changes to win. I was fighting against fake 4K action cameras here. Now is time to fight against fake 4K dashcams! This is the biggest dashcam forum in the world so we should raise our voices. 4K...
  7. Mtz

    CMOS comparison AR0521, OV4689, IMX291

    The Aptina AR0521 will be launched in 2018 to be used in some dashcams. It is a 5MP CMOS and I think Aptina created it to challenge the little old but good and well sold of Omnivision OV4689 which is 4MP. Being 4MP and 5MP, both of them can record at 2K resolution. Back a little in history, I...
  8. Mtz

    Questions for Jado

    I was trying to get some info from the official website but real information is missing, so I try to ask here: 1. Do you have a webpage where a complete specifications list is available? Right now, the same english words used to describe different pictures are not useful at all. 2. Which CMOS...
  9. Mtz

    Disassembling the GitUp F1 factory sample

    I disassembled my F1 factory sample. Not 100% disassembled, but close. Photo gallery enjoy, Mtz
  10. Mtz

    Viofo Parking Mode new beta feature

    A firmware for Viofo A119 which was containing a new feature called Parking Mode is available on Facebook, here is the download link of Version 3.1B For sure there must be some changelog because this firmware is based on a new SDK and maybe @viofo will offer the full changelog in this thread...
  11. Mtz

    SJ6 fake review? Vote!

    What do you think? Bad Youtube comments against SJ6 are deleted by the channel owner so is not necessary to post on youtube. enjoy, Mtz I didn't used complete name for the camera just to not put in bad light some manufacturer when it was not its fault.
  12. Mtz

    G1W reloaded: Viofo G1W-S with Sony IMX323 CMOS just listed their version of G1W called Viofo G1W-S and I am sure the S comes from Sony CMOS because they already used the S for A119 version with Sony CMOS. Unboxing and some interesting features: What I observed from the first time: - Sony IMX323 - full black - 3 mounts, 360°...
  13. Mtz

    Viofo A119S dash camera reviews

    I know I am not great regarding english reviews but I can offer useful information and ideas. Anybody can post links to reviews in this thread if he wants. Updates: Review by TechTronic9000: Some pictures enjoy, Mtz
  14. Mtz

    Viofo CPL filter comparisons on Viofo A118C2, A119, A119S

    At youtube description you can find the original videos for download. As you can see, during day the reflections are not completely removed at the bottom of the windshield. Anybody who can post comparisons in this thread is welcomed. enjoy, Mtz
  15. Mtz

    Viofo A118C2 unboxings

    Here is my unboxing video which is showing also the differences between A118C2 and A118C. Anybody can post his video in this thread if he wants. The A118C2 have two mounts, one of them is angled for some specific windshields. If you want more details, just ask. enjoy, Mtz
  16. Mtz

    Viofo A119S videos

    Today (12.11.2016) I have a factory sample of A1189S with a beta firmware. In this thread I will post some videos recorded with A119S and some comparisons. I think the most wanted comparison is with A119, but also with A118C and A118C2. Please watch the videos on YouTube because at video...
  17. Mtz

    Viofo A118C2 videos

    Today (11.11.2016) I have a factory sample of A118C2 with a beta firmware. In this thread I will post some videos recorded with A118C2 and some comparisons. I think the most wanted comparison is with A118C. My A118C is an original A118C made by Viofo, so it is not a fake. Please watch the...
  18. Mtz

    Viofo A119 AV Out cable

    I see some people asking which type of cable is using the A119 for Audio Video out. I can say it is using a standard 4 pins 3.5mm jack to RCA AV cable. The names can be different but you just need to know that pin 1 is the ground. Just buy from a store where pinouts are described as...
  19. Mtz

    XiaoMi Yi dashcam focus problems

    The XiaoYi Yi dashcam is losing focus because of heat. The recording was done in middle of the spring so during summer can be worse. enjoy, Mtz
  20. Mtz

    GitUp Git1 image comparisons with 2016 dashcams

    I will upload here my videos but anybody which have a comparison with a 2016 camera can post here: Night: Day: The snapshots were taken from original videos without any reencode of any of them and the snapshots were saved in PNG format to preserve original quality...