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  1. dbusguy

    Almost got hit

    Son almost got hit from the bounce off the guardrail
  2. dbusguy


    Impatient tailgater. Passes in left turn centre lane.
  3. dbusguy

    Watch out for tow trucks

    Watch out for tow trucks They're everywhere, literally.
  4. dbusguy

    Cop blinding oncoming drivers with lights

    June 12, 2015. 4am Peel Regional Police on paid duty, babysitting construction site overnight on Dixie Rd, north of Burnhamthorpe. Single lane traffic all in northbound lanes. PRP with full roof lights and alternating high beams shining right into eyes of drivers driving south. Blinding...
  5. dbusguy

    Toronto Men’s Road Rage Brawl Caught On Dash Cam

    Whole story and video on page I saw posted on Facebook
  6. dbusguy

    Crash by red light runner

    Car on right being passed will be hit in intersection by red light runner Video was shown to Police and charges were laid. (Ignore date and time stamp, cam resets on bootup)
  7. dbusguy

    How to battery power for 8 hours

    I have a DVR207. I drive a bus but there is no power socket that I can plug into. I drive a different vehicle everyday so I cannot modify a vehicle. Any suggestions for a very portable, discrete battery or power supply that can give me 8 hours of power? I was wondering about those portable...
  8. dbusguy

    Firmware update 027->207?

    Is there a firmware update/upgrade for the 027 to the 207?