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    Accident - explaining video

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    SG9663DC install on a Tacoma

    copy pasta from my TacomaWorld post. I've been and still am a huge fan of Street Guardian brand of dash cams, even before dash cams were cool in Russia. :D Anyway, i've had multiple models and finally got my hands on the latest version, a dual channel model with wifi. There are a lot of good...
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    activating E button locks full file

    Not sure if this has been brought up before. I rarely look at my recordings so whenever I catch something mildly interesting I will activate the E button (press twice. 1 to activate screen, 2 to activate the lock file). What I've noticed is that a few of the locked videos will be 1 minute long...
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    BlackVue iPhone app updated v1.012

    1. Reordered menu icons 2. Updated UI text, warnings, fixed typos 3. Improved stability 4. Other bug fixes
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    Almost... LA driving ... 0610_E.mp4 the most "interesting" thing i've caught on my cam. I run into assholes all the time so that doesn't warrant my time to sort through those videos.