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  1. jeuda

    Xiaomi Yi Dashcam Firmware

    Have you tried the emergency aid for your model?
  2. jeuda

    Fix invalid SN "language adaptation error" - pink screen

    Guys, good news! All is not lost. I got the SN error after upgrading to Korean guy's firmware. His firmware did not upgrade my CN set to US set successfully... but it did managed to change my SN from "CN" to "US". All I did was the use the emergency aid firmware from US XiaoYi site. Now my...
  3. jeuda

    Video Guide - Flashing International Firmware on a Chinese Yi Dash Cam

    I have 1.03.28 cn firmware on CA21LACNC1612. Can't go into engineering mode. Got both SN.txt file and engmode Please advise.
  4. jeuda

    New firmware of Mini0805/Mini0826 (G-sensor)

    I have 20160404 firmware... wonder if upgrading to this will resolve the fragmentation error...
  5. jeuda

    G1W Cam battery issue.

    Gotten a 5.5v 4F Coin capacitor, but it does not seems to work... It is not charging... Capacitors I bought:
  6. jeuda

    G1W - Replace battery with capacitor

    So, do I just get the 1F or get bigger? Have you flash your firmware?
  7. jeuda

    G1W Cam battery issue.

    It was working for 15 months till it died recently. I am now looking at sism3477's capacitor replacement.
  8. jeuda

    G1W Cam battery issue.

    Guys, came back here becoz my replacement battery is not charging again. The intense summer heat in Singapore isn't helping much. Changing the battery may lend me to same result. Now I am looking at sism3477's capacitor solution.
  9. jeuda

    estore099 - AT950

    Well that I asked. ;) I asked seller but he has no samples of video clips.
  10. jeuda

    estore099 - AT950

    Anyone bought this? How's the reliability & quality?
  11. jeuda

    G1w cam power

    Going to replace mine with a 400maH one.
  12. jeuda

    G1W Cam battery issue.

    Mine started working weird too. The cam died immediately after I switch off the car. It started again with a Red X on the battery and died. I have also ordered a new battery, hope to re-wire and get it working properly again.
  13. jeuda

    I don't know what to do

    My G1W is chosey on the power source. Even with the ac adapter that comes with it. Currently I am using it with a Garmin cigaretter adapter. if using other cig.adapter, the unit will go bonkers, like going on and off. Why don't you try another cig. adapter of better quality?
  14. jeuda

    Complete Review of G1W-C CAPACITOR based dash camera NT96650 + AR0330 1080p / 30Fps

    Is the AT950 using the Novatek NT96650 CPU and Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor? Can't seems to find any review on that.
  15. jeuda

    Hatchback rear facing camera installation

    Looking where I can mount the Mobius with being affected the hatchback door slamming would be on the ceiling itself.
  16. jeuda

    Hatchback rear facing camera installation

    Thanks guys, where can I get a real Mobius on ebay? Any recommendation?
  17. jeuda

    Hatchback rear facing camera installation

    Drawing power is one major consideration. And glass panel that we are mounting on is constantly being slammed when you closed the boot.
  18. jeuda

    Hatchback rear facing camera installation

    Yes, to rear mount and record vehicles behind the car.
  19. jeuda

    Hatchback rear facing camera installation

    I am looking forward to install a rear facing camera for my honda fit. Anyone attempted that? Would appreciate if you can share.
  20. jeuda

    G1W Novatek 96650 WDR F1.6 H.264 MOV 15Mbps GPS Dash Cam DVR

    Here's my uploaded clip. EVat -1, default is little over exposure..