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  1. N

    Never heard of Anytek dashcam?

    Hi, guys, I just want to post a quick message about Anytek dashcam A100H. When I started out, I was looking for a dashcam with backup camera. I found Anytek A100H fits my purpose. Surprisingly, I can not find any info about Anytek products from this site. Someone told me it was due to the fact...
  2. Andrei Vladimirovich

    Side by Side: Xiaomi Yi, Anytek A3, Transcend DP220, Panorama2

    Original full review (in russian)
  3. Andrei Vladimirovich

    Side by Side: Anytek A3, TrendVision TDR-718GP, Transcend DP220, Panorama2

    Original full review for russian spoken:
  4. H

    AnyTek A2 / Discovery Adventures DC200 ELF files

    Hi, My dashcam was just died but i have it recovered with the ELF file from a Mini 0806. It bootsup now and when i connect it to hdmi i see the camera. But only the power button response nothing else. I can also not flash it with the original firmware to an SD card. When i select the...
  5. thancam

    Vicovation OPIA2 vs Anytek A3 vs XiaoYi

    I am copy from forums. @Pizdys seems dont comback our forums. So.... In nigh scene with a very small amount of light , Yi dashcam has the best image quality. And in day light, Opia2 takes its advantage. :) Nothing's surprise here :D
  6. Andrei Vladimirovich

    Review: Anytek A3 (Sony EXMOR IMX322)

    New Sony EXMOR based DVR (IMX322) Look & Feel: Day: Dymanic range: Night: File information Final conclusion Day quality is superb for 1080p. Dynamic range is perfect as it should be for IMX322. Night quality is surprisingly low and compatible...
  7. esox07

    ANYTEK 2.7" AT-550 Full HD

    I just saw this camera show up on SlickDeals and was wondering if anyone has any opinions or experience with this camera. Two things concern me is whether or not this camera is truly FULL HD. And the max SD Card size of 32GB seems awful small. Any thoughts are appreciated. thanks...
  8. S

    Anytek A1

    I'm looking to make a dash camera purchase. I was looking at Anytek A1. For whatever reason I cannot find a single review on it. Has anyone ever used Anytek A1. Any opinions positive or negative? I'm thinking since I live in a cold climate where its winter for 6 months of the year, the...
  9. sandy wang

    Built-Quality Super Big Lens Anytek FHD Novatek96650 with WDR Car Camera

    Here we want to recommend anyone a good car camera with glorious look and excellent video quality. Here is the specification 1)chipset: Novatek96650 2)image sensor: AR0330 3)lens: 6GA+glass lens with super wide 170 degree 4)resolution: 1920*1080P@30fps 4)GPS :external gps logger and options...
  10. C

    Brand New Anytek ATH-66 Dash Cam

    Brand new with box 1080p 30fps 170 degree wide angle 2.7 inch screen $100 shipped in US. Paypal only