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  1. DeLorean

    Any other firmwares for G1WHT dashcams using firmware G1WT-301-150629V01LD? [SOLVED]

    I've had 3 of these cameras a while now and the firmware has always been dodgy. They have a tendency to continually reboot when the power is removed and fill the SD card up and not remove old recordings (the setting are all correct) As I've just fitted new batteries I decided to try and update...
  2. DeLorean

    Are there any other methods of demuxing GPS data from G90 MOV files?

    From previous endeavours, demuxing the GPS data from the G90 MOV files is an absolute nightmare as you have to use a parser etc... so I've been using Registrator Viewer to do the job for me. The only problems is that RV displays and extracts the wrong date from the GPS data so for example a...
  3. DeLorean

    Firmware for G1WH cameras using the newer GeneralPlus GPCV2159 processor

    Hi Guys, I have a G1WH that utilises the new GeneralPlus GPCV2159 processor. I've opened the camera to verify the processor as flashing it with a firmware for a Novatek model would most probably brick it. It was shipped with firmware version G1WHT-301-150810V01LD which absolutely sucks. After...
  4. DeLorean

    G90 A7LA70 128GB Micro SD card problem

    Hi Guys, I've recently moved from a Transcend 64GB Class 10 UHS-I Micro SDHC memory card to a SanDisk Ultra 128GB Class 10 Micro SDXC Class 10 memory card... and it's driving me nuts :confused: The camera records for a random few minutes, make a notification sound and then flashes a red message...
  5. DeLorean

    G1WH with horrible very bassy low level audio recording :-/

    Hi Guys, I've just bought a G1WH dashcam with firmware version G1WHT-301-150629V01LD. Hopefully this camera will fare batter than the other cameras I've had over the years :rolleyes: The video is good, but the audio is very quiet and extremely bassy :( It sounds horrible and rumbly on my PC and...
  6. DeLorean

    GT680W refuses to shutdown when the usb power is removed and runs warm

    I've have two GT680W cameras that have developed exactly the same fault after being in my car for a few days. They switch on when power is applied and run as normal and record perfectly for a short while before starting to warm up :confused: On removing the power instead of shutting down they...
  7. DeLorean

    Looking to buy G1WH in the UK but all now have the GPCV2159 processor?

    I need to replace my old rear facing camera in my rear window and the G1WH appears to be a good choice. I've been in touch with many suppliers all selling genuine G1WH's in the UK (at a reasonable price), but all now say they're using the the GPCV2159 processor and not the Novatek. I've read...
  8. DeLorean

    Ability to play dashcam MOV files whilst displaying GPS data on Android device

    I've been trying to find a piece of software for Android that will allow me to play video files from my G90 dashcam (MOV container) whilst displaying the GPS data. I recently had an incident abroad where I needed to quickly extract the GPS data from my camera and fortunately I had my laptop and...
  9. DeLorean

    G90 battery replacement.

    Hi guys, My G90 is just over a year old now and as expected the internal battery is now very near the end of it's life (low battery warning before shut down). Being exposed to the bitterly cold Slovak winters and blisteringly hot summer have no doubt reduced the batteries lifespan considerably...
  10. DeLorean

    G90 mount wiring

    Hi Guys, Recently I had to take my G90 camera and mount out of my own car as I need to transfer it to a rental car. Once installed in the rental car the camera would only work if the mount sucker tightening lever was in a specific position. The problem became worse and in the end the camera...
  11. DeLorean

    Night footage using HDR looks way too dark :-(

    I've just posted my first night time clip from my G90 A70 + GPS, but I'm not impressed with it's HDR performance... surely it should look better than this?
  12. DeLorean

    Firmware for G90 Ambarella A7LA70 with GPS

    I recently received a G90 Ambarella A7LA70 with GPS and firmware version "G90-A770_553-S-H" Not knowing that there was a difference between the GPS and non GPS versions I upgraded the firmware and... tada lost the GPS function :-/ After trying another firmware I bricked the unit as I didn't...
  13. DeLorean

    The new 808 #18 DR32 Car Camera

    This looks like a promising little car DVR :D ... ind-t.html Has anyone been lucky enough to take one for a spin?