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    Red light serenade

    Changed my exhaust gaskets on the bike and took it for a spin to check it out. Ran across a crosswalk entertainer.
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    Not a good start

    I was on my way to work when this happened.
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    In helmet Mobius

    I got the Mobius mounted inside my helmet with Velcro and using an extension cable was able to remote mount the lens behind the helmet shield. I am pleased with the results and thought I'd share.
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    Helmet cam parts sourcing

    Hi all. I know its been awhile since I posted but I still check in now and again I want to duplicate this helmet cam build so I thought I would tap the combined wisdom of the forum It appears this is the early Mobius with what hes call the lens B I am not having luck finding these components...
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    Was on my commute home from work on the Old Altamont. This could of went all bad.
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    My first VideoPad Editor Project

    I bought the Home Edition. I have never used editing software I think this version will be enough to get me started. At first glance it seems fairly easy to use and made uploading to YouTube seamless. I am going to try to figure out how to inlay my rear camera into my videos. The reactions of...
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    I was on my way to work when this happened. Sorry about the F-Bomb. It just slipped out.
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    Broken G1W-C

    I had removed my G1W-C so I could clean the rear window. After mounting the camera back on the rear window I plugged in the cable and the connecter seemed to go further then normal. I took the camera off and after opening I saw the power-in connector had popped off the board. Should I just...
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    A driver starts changing lanes without looking. I give them a wakeup call.
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    I screwed up

    We are always posting videos of other drivers mistakes so I thought it would be fun to have a thread dedicated to posting ours. I'll start off. I had just finished a 12 hour shift and was focused on nothing but getting home. I almost didn't.
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    I don't care!?
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    I'll just ease out of this spot...

    I was backing out of a parking spot and someone walks behind me. Almost as irritating as my G1W-C not keeping the proper date.
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    Taking another shot

    I returned that cheesy camera I bought on HSN (you was right @jokiin ) and did some forum searches (collectively picked all your brains) for the camera model that would best fit my needs. There are so many it was hard to choose but the MG380G floated to the top of my list. I saw...
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    Bought a PowerNow! dashcam

    My G1W-C has always had a temperamental USB port. I more often then not have to fiddle with it to get the unit to power up. Of course it always has a date keeping issue also. Other then that it has been a solid dashcam. My wife was watching HSN and said "Hey look at this" and they had the PN...
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    Near miss

    Hi all I came this close to getting tangled up with a truck.
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    FoxOffer G1W-C

    I ordered a G1W-C from this vendor and could not be happier with my purchase experience. The website was easy to navigate and item details and description concise. The item arrived quickly, was nicely packaged in protective bubble wrap and a securely taped box. All the included accessories as...
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    GT550W white lettering

    I am not sure if this has been addressed and if it has my apologies. I am interested in purchasing a GT550 but can't get past all the white lettering. Is there a paint or process that could be used to cover this up?
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    DOD V680L

    I am going to take another shot at a camera purchase. I like the folding camera style and this time around I am leaning towards the DOD V680L. I would appreciate any input on this camera or alternate folding camera in this price category. ... rey-187637
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    My 1st camera

    I just picked this camera up and here are some samples of the video. This is my 1st try at putting together the output and my first youtube vid
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    Hello from the Central Valley

    Hello everyone, I commute round trip around 100 miles a day between the Central Valley and San Francisco bay area. I see your typical variety of departures from sane driving and have been involved in the receiving end of some of these incidents. I had seen a few dashcam videos and decided to...