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    7500 cuty: Is there a way to turn off the audio

    I really don't want to hear my ad libs on the video :) Is there a way to shut it off another way than having to push the button each time I get in the car? I was thinking about putting a piece of tape over the mic but haven't tried that yet and not sure if it will work or not. I couldn't...
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    Where do I buy dual lock tape?

    I am having a hard time finding the 3m product except online in big rolls. I was looking for the 1 inch wide tape for my lukas 7500
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    Mount for Lukas 7500

    Would a bean bag mount be ok? I just got the unit in the mail and it comes with only a couple of adhesive strips to attach. I guess the 7900 has a plastic bracket and the 7500 they expect you to glue it to the windshield permantly? Since I have to move it between two vehicles I was thinking of...