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  1. CD55

    Bread Maker?

    Save your money. Just do what this guy does..
  2. CD55

    Hello from San Francisco ,CA

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. CD55

    Red light serenade

    Changed my exhaust gaskets on the bike and took it for a spin to check it out. Ran across a crosswalk entertainer.
  4. CD55

    2 Months after purchase, I have my first collision!

    I kept trying to see the other driver but the shadow makes it difficult. Hope everything works out ok for you.
  5. CD55

    Not a good start

    I just realized I forgot to delete the audio track. My apologies to the forum
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    Not a good start

    I was on my way to work when this happened.
  7. CD55

    In helmet Mobius

    I got the Mobius mounted inside my helmet with Velcro and using an extension cable was able to remote mount the lens behind the helmet shield. I am pleased with the results and thought I'd share.
  8. CD55

    Helmet cam parts sourcing

    Hi all. I know its been awhile since I posted but I still check in now and again I want to duplicate this helmet cam build so I thought I would tap the combined wisdom of the forum It appears this is the early Mobius with what hes call the lens B I am not having luck finding these components...
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    Pics that make you smile

    Your killin me. I would love to find a clean 1 like that.
  10. CD55

    Hi from Oz

  11. CD55

    Pics that make you smile

    Is that Freewheelin Franklin?
  12. CD55

    Little girl falls from car Thailand

    Then the car almost runs her over? WTH!?
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    Member parklawn has passed away

    RIP @parklawn
  14. CD55

    why spend $300 when you can get one for $29??

    I couldn't agree more. That was my first camera. What a POC. I think buying a camera of this caliber is a rite of passage. A quick lesson and a lighter wallet. :oops:
  15. CD55


    Was on my commute home from work on the Old Altamont. This could of went all bad.
  16. CD55

    My first VideoPad Editor Project

    I bought the Home Edition. I have never used editing software I think this version will be enough to get me started. At first glance it seems fairly easy to use and made uploading to YouTube seamless. I am going to try to figure out how to inlay my rear camera into my videos. The reactions of...
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    Action cam with balloon

    Welcome to the forum. This might be a good place to start.
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    Squirrel Steals a GoPro and Takes Viewers on a Great POV Journey

    Cool video. That squirrel held the camera steadier then a lot on YouTube.
  19. CD55

    Pics that make you smile

    Maggie, get my gun...