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  1. hometechnc

    Hyped Reviews on the X2 Pro

    I purchased a Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO Cam from Amazon ($199), a few weeks ago, based on the Claim here at Dashcamtalk, that it is one of the "Best Cameras Available Today", with such good Video Quality! Total BullHockey! I mounted the X2 on the opposite side of my review mirror, of a newly...
  2. hometechnc

    Just Bought a GT680W ...and I Love it!

    Been using my new GT680W for almost two weeks and I love it (relative to the cost). $99 for this cam, with the GPS module and it performs better than the two $225 Panorama IIs' that I have. Side note, I needed to adjust the EV (exposure value) to +2. The video was a bit dark and...
  3. hometechnc

    Panorama IIs no Longer my favored Cam... GT680W is a much better value

    One of the two Panorama IIs Dash Cams I purchased had been nothing but problems. Had several bad GPS modules, and now, I have an aberration on one of the lenses. (looks like a wire hanging in from of it on the right side, but nothing there). So, I ordered a Shadow GT680W from foxoffer a few...
  4. hometechnc

    How many Panorama IIs GPS Loggers are going bad?

    Curious to see how many people are having issues with the GPS logger for the Panorama IIs... The logger that came with my first cam went bad (battery?) within a few months. I bought a replacement from Pier 28 just a few months ago, (Aug. 18th) and now it's doing the same thing; taking 15-20...
  5. hometechnc

    Mobius firmware version 2.10 does not recognize 64gb Cards

    Upgraded my four Mobius Cams this afternoon, only to discover that they would no longer recognize 64gb, CL 10 Cards. Reverted back to the 1.20 version, and I'm good to go.
  6. hometechnc

    Panorama IIS GPS logger Fix!

    The GPS module on my 4-month old Panorama IIS failed completely as of yesterday. It was a slooow death, very sad actually. Each day for the past 3-4 weeks, it would take longer, and longer to lock onto satellite signal. So, not wanting to loose my Cop-busting MoJo, I yanked out the p.o.s...
  7. hometechnc

    GPS module not working properly on CR-500HD

    I bought two CR-500HD's about a year ago, w/ GPS modules and filters; over $900 at the time. Two of the cams had issues, and were replaced w/o issue by Alex of (he's always been great!). Now, the GPS module on one of my units is taking hours to lock on, and the mph reading...
  8. hometechnc

    GLG300_V1_12_03_20140301_15MbpsPanorama IIS GPS module taking 10-30 min. to lock on

    Hey All; I also am having problems with the GPS module locking on to signal. I have the module mounted about 1 inch below the headline on the passenger-side of the front windshield. Been using this for a few months now. It will take anywhere from 10-30 minutes before it will lock on to...
  9. hometechnc

    Tomorrow is the Big Day for Trial Run of the Panorama II/S

    Just finished installing my new Panorama II/S and tomorrow will be a good test as I have to cover about 300 miles/480km. As with any new cam, the firmware upgrade for 21mbps, and initial setup took a little while, but could do it all in about 5 minutes now. Will be using a Transcend...
  10. hometechnc

    Newest CR-500HD Firmware update v2.02.100(eng)

    Got this from my distributor after having problems (again) with one of my CR-500HD's. Shame that they cannot let customers know of update (like Mobius does). here's the link:
  11. hometechnc

    Why is the FineVu CR-500HD Recommended?

    Afternoon all; I don't know who the author of the "Dash Cam Comparison Page" of this website is, but under "New 2013 Dash Cams", he/she has commented under final words for the "Itronics ITB-100HD SP": "Some nice improvements over the ITB-100HD, but the selling price of $350 is too high. Save...
  12. hometechnc

    FineVu Player will not work

    Hey All; just installed FineVu Player, and everytime I click on a video to load, the player crashes? Anyone have any ideas or solutions? Thanks!