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  1. DashCamMan

    Known Issues Link

    Haven't updated that page in a while but will add that shortly.
  2. DashCamMan

    Why do I have a Canadian flag on my profile?

    Should be based on your IP address. I think it is a glitch for you though since it looks like your IPs are in US.
  3. DashCamMan

    Garmin Dash Cam™ Tandem

    Interesting...seems like it was launched today based on the press release.
  4. DashCamMan

    Seeking Firmware v1.01 for the A119V3
  5. DashCamMan

    Disappointed with Viofo for Abandoning A129 Duo Owners

    If this name calling and insults continue, members who do so will be banned and this thread will be locked.
  6. DashCamMan

    Logon Codes

    Yes that is 2 step authentication. Glad you got it figured out.
  7. DashCamMan

    New section or old section for series 2

    They have been added.
  8. DashCamMan

    Private Message

    Click on the envelope beside your user name and select "Start a new conversation".
  9. DashCamMan

    Petition to ban HonestReview from the forum

    Locking this thread. Report offensive posts and the members will be warned then banned.
  10. DashCamMan

    Forum Style

    There is an option to go back to the square Avatars. For the most part they look fine so will keep it circular....even though I had to update mine.
  11. DashCamMan

    Forum Style

    Yes, likes are now reactions. Added the reaction score under the avatar.
  12. DashCamMan

    Forum Style

    Yes...a few changes with this upgrade: Round avatars (seems like that is the style now) Likes are now reactions (can choose a few different reactions) Bookmarks have changed (how to bookmark and viewing bookmarks) but all previous bookmarks are still there Push notifications have been enabled...
  13. DashCamMan

    Google Maps fix for RegistratorViewer (Windows)

    Links removed from the first post.
  14. DashCamMan

    VIOFO A129 Duo or Nextbase 512GW

    "Nextbase Tiffany" used to be very active here responding to owners concerns. Last month Tiffany asked to change her member name to "NextbaseSupport" and the last message posted from that account was Dec 21st. May be something to consider as well.
  15. DashCamMan

    maybe we have a spamer here

    Yes...sometimes they get through...cleaned it up.
  16. DashCamMan

    Possible SPAM?

    I have warned @WendyLLL Will ban if this continues.
  17. DashCamMan

    Possible SPAM?

    Was reported as spam. Flagged the member as a spammer which deletes all of their messages.
  18. DashCamMan

    Mini 2 Battery protection for parked vehicles

    He was banned for spamming. He would message members trying to sell his cameras. Members complained, he was warned but he continued.
  19. DashCamMan

    Mobius Maxi F1.5 2.7k

    Members cannot shill for profit but they can post links. Some of the links are automatically converted to affiliate links which funds the site. Retailers are not allowed to post links to their site period outside the vendor forum. If you don't like the rules, no one is forcing you to be a...
  20. DashCamMan

    Mobius Maxi F1.5 2.7k

    Rules apply to all retailers. Understand that not everyone may be aware of the rules hence the reason for deleting the post and moving on.