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    Camera Posts Only

    We are getting more posts in this section advertising products that are not dash cams or action cams. We will no longer allow vendors to post non-camera related posts in this section. Advertising a non-camera product in a post will result in a warning and deletion of the post.
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    Member parklawn has passed away

    Some sad news to share. Long time member parklawn passed away on July 21st, 2017. He joined in the early days of dash cams (2013) and he enjoyed helping others on the site. His daughter notified me about the news and wanted to share it with the community given his passion for dash cams. He will...
  3. DashCamMan

    Woman crashes into car - blames other driver

    Woman smashes into another car than proceeds to blame the other driver. Police don't watch the dash cam video, believe the woman and charge the innocent driver. Full Story Here
  4. DashCamMan

    Crazy Motorcycle and Car Road Rage Video

    Surprised nobody was killed. and here is a video on how it started Both were arrested.
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    Dash Cam Review Rules

    This section is dedicated to dash cam reviews. If the camera you are reviewing has a separate section in another part of the forum, the review should still be posted here. We will move it to the correct forum and have a permanent link to it from this forum. This will ensure that all reviews can...
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    Mini 0826 Firmware

    Skyhigh Electronics kindly provided the Mini 0826 firmware and it is hosted below. 1card GPS 2cards GPS If you have other versions...
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    Mini 0826 English User Manual

    Skyhigh Electronics kindly provided the PDF version of the English User Manual for the Mini 0826. The file can be downloaded here: manual.pdf
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    Update your bookmarks

    Many people are currently accessing the forum via this URL: Please note that we are in the process of removing subdomains so the ideal way to access the forum is: Please update your bookmarks to reflect this change. Thank you
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    Server Upgrade

    We are in the process of doing a server upgrade. This may impact site availability in the next couple of days as the IP address changes and migration occurs. I am hoping the transition is seamless and will try to ensure no messages / content is lost. Thank you everyone for your patience.
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    Site Not Available

    Some members have indicated that they can no longer visit the site from their normal IPs and have to resort to using TOR and other browsers. My hosting provider has tweaked the firewall to make it more difficult for people to rip off the whole site but this may be having unintended...
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    Xiaomi Yi Firmware Caution

    Many people may not be aware that there are 6 different hardware versions of the Xiaomi Yi Camera available. They are code named as follows: 22 22L 23 23L 23A 23S Each hardware version has a DIFFERENT firmware. You can tell the hardware revision of your camera based on the first 3-4 digits...
  12. DashCamMan

    Electric Unicycles - newest trend?

    Just came across a product category called electric unicycles. Never even knew it existed but it seems like a simple version of a Segway scooter. Haven't seen one in person but lots of videos on youtube for a bunch of brands. Not sure if it will catch on but an interesting product...
  13. DashCamMan

    Mando GH100 Dual 720p Camera

    The Korean manufacturer Mando, released the Mando GH100 on April 1, 2015. This camera is 720p 30fps for both the front and rear camera. Comes with a 3.5" LCD screen and the front camera is large like most Korean dual cameras. Comes with battery discharge prevention and parking mode. An...
  14. DashCamMan

    What to Buy Sticky

    Before posting a question in this sub-forum you should check a few resources: The list of best bang for your buck dash cams on the main page: The Best Dash Cam's of 2017 on our site: You could also use the dash cam...
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    Provia Edge V Dual Camera 720p Front + 480p Rear

    On March 20, 2015, Provia from Korea released the Edge V, a dual camera with 720p front and 480p rear (not sure why so many new Korean cameras have such low specs). Front camera is the typical Korean style with a large 3.5" screen. Too much gold bling around the lens for my taste. Some of the...
  16. DashCamMan

    FineVu Solid 200 and FineVu T20

    FineVu released 2 new cameras on March 18, 2015. The first is the FineVu Solid 200 Dual Camera. This is a 720p dual camera which they claim to be selling at a reasonable price. The FineVu T20 (not on the FineVu website yet) has similar specs but has one unique feature. The T20 is supposed to...
  17. DashCamMan

    Itronics ITB-3000HD Dual 720p Camera

    Itronics released their latest camera on March 11, 2015. It is the ITB-3000HD which uses a similar form factor as their ITB-2000 HD. Front and rear cameras record in 720p (the ITB-2000 has 1080p for the front). The front camera is relatively large with a 3.2" screen. I am a big fan of the...
  18. DashCamMan

    Are Amazon Reviews Trustworthy?

    I used to have a lot of trust in Amazon reviews but I have a gut feeling they are being manipulated by unscrupulous sellers now. Sometimes I check the list of "On-Dash Video" best sellers to see what is selling well. The number 2 camera on the list as of today is the Falcon Zero F170. This...
  19. DashCamMan

    Dash Cam footage non-admissible in Heilbronn, Germany

    Just came across this article on a recent court ruling in Heilbronn Germany. This is for civil trials only. Not sure if it applies to criminal trials. The PDF of the ruling in German can be found here.