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    Anyone know what is happening here?

    Blue LED comes on for about 3 seconds, then the blue, orange and wifi LED stay on for about 2 seconds then the orange LED turns green and the other two go off and the voice says something I can't understand and the green LED stays on till power is taken off. When I do disconnect the power from...
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    DR500GW-HD stopped working

    My Blackvue started repeating a message I couldn't understand. Did not seem to be in English. I tried downloading new SW and FW and re-installing but can't seem to get it to work again. The files I downloaded had a note that said copy Blackvue folder to SD card and put SD card in Blackvue and...
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    BlackVue support

    Is there BlackVue support from BlackVue/Pittasoft? How does one contact BlackVue support? Email? Phone? Chat? I haven't found any phone number. I thought I had an email contact, but never received a response when I sent an inquiry. Thanks, Rocky
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    DR500GW-HD doesn't always work properly???

    I am beginning to think I have a defective DR500GW-HD. Here's the problem. About once every 3 or 4 times I turn on my ignition my camera does not work properly. The record and GPS lights do not come on and I never hear the "recording message". All I see when the ignition is turned on is a...
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    DR500GW-HD Smart Phone APP

    I now have my DR500GW-HD. It seems to be working 'ok', takes good videos, etc. As for the Smart Phone APP via Wi-Fi, that's another story. In the PC software for the DR500GW-HD I changed the password to access the camera via Wi-Fi on my Smart Phone. When I started the APP it would not accept...
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    Compatible SD cards??

    I want to buy a micro 32GB SD card for my DR500GW-HD dash cam. Exactly what type of SD card should I be looking for that works with my cam, and where is a good place to buy one? I ask this because I've found that there are differences and not all will function properly with all devices...
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    Need help in deciding

    I'm looking to buy an auto dash cam with the following capabilities: > Rear cam can be turned off > GPS (speed, location, etc.) > auto turn on when car is started > night recording > HD recording (or near HD) > Good software for PC viewing > Wide angle cam > Easy and secure window mounting >...