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    Panorama 2 Capacitor Dead?

    Hi all I've had one of these cameras hanging off my windscreen for a little while now but I think the capacitor is dead. The reason why I say this is the moment the power gets cut to the dash cam it would instantly switch off. If I recall correctly it use to take a second or two before it's a...
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    Card Error

    Hi all I'm having issues with my camera I seem to be getting card error and I've tried to format the card from within the menu and it would say "insert card" so I reinsert the card and it would format and record as per normal It shows it's recording but when I insert it into my computer there...
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    Mobius Wide Angle

    Hi all I'm looking at getting a Mobius wide angle but have a question. Can you buy the Mobius with the wide angle lens or do you need to buy the lens separately? Also is it of any benefit to have a capacitor instead of a battery? Thanks
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    Best Dashcam?

    Hi there, I currently have an iTronic ITB100HD but I'm after something that produces a better picture quality both day and night and the GT550W would be perfect IMO but the GPS add on is still not available with no ETA. So what I'm after is a dash cam with the best picture quality in both day...