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  1. dirkzelf

    Finally got my Maxi, but it's really grainy in low lights....

    I use fw 2.26, would 2.11 or even 1.86 be better at all night image-wise? Or other tips for optimum settings for better night recording? (Other than "clean your windscreen.... yeah I saw that too :LOL:)
  2. dirkzelf

    Mini dead, sometimes.... really weird....

    My Mini - does not always turns on anymore when power put to USB - charging LED does not light up, battery is empty. The camera ONLY starts up ONCE when connected to USB, battery is plugged in, and sometimes I even HAVE TO press the power ON button, when it does not turn on by itself...
  3. dirkzelf

    Mobius Maxi or Gitup F1?

    I need to know, I'm on the brink of buying new one, just not sure about the Maxi yet.... Any short and quick best choice advice?
  4. dirkzelf

    The CADDX Dolphin, any good for dashcam use?

    In short, NOT YET. But look at the footage (day and night), it is stunning for a +/- 30 EU action camera. You all know I'm a sucker for good low light car-camera's, so I just HAD TO buy me this one and test it, even when I intended to choose between Mobius Maxi and the GitUp F1 4K .... this one...
  5. dirkzelf

    1000mAh battery for Mobius 1???

    Is this real...
  6. dirkzelf

    Mobius Mini and supercap? Anyone tried it before? DON'T have to anymore, it WORKS!!

    Mobius Mini and supercap? Anyone tried it before? I didn't want to wait for it, and took of the cable and connector from the battery that has swollen up like a Michelin man, and soldered them to a Mobius 1 supercap. Guess what, it records up to ALMOST the very last second.... :D Date and...
  7. dirkzelf

    H.264 vs MJPEG and MOV/MP4 vs AVI and what is Advanced Systems Format?

    On my search for the "best action/hat/car/body camera" I stumbled on AVI file formats and MJPEG video compression. This resulted in having bought a few cheap cams with AVI file format that are ACTUALLY REALY HORRIBLE.... Is it coïncidental, or just due to the AVI/MJPEG system? I wonder...
  8. dirkzelf

    Mobius Body Cam

    I wanted a small body cam, but either they cost me an arm and a leg, or they record in AVI/MJPEG, and frankly that's throwing away money as it is. So, I had a Mobius lying around doing nothing, and I thought, lets drill that hole, and make my own. The clip needs adjustment,. but you get the...
  9. dirkzelf

    Mobius Mini DIY heatsink

    Took me 10 minutes....
  10. dirkzelf

    4K key chain fob camera??!?

    Any thoghts / experiences ??!?
  11. dirkzelf

    New housing with air vents for Mobius Mini: any good now for dashcam use?

    Yeah, well, like it says: New housing for Mobius Mini: any good now for dashcam use now? digitalele886 had this one on sale for 50 bucs last weekend, that would have been a chance to go for the cheap, unfortunately I just missed it, but since the price...
  12. dirkzelf


    Wanted to reinstall the JooVuu android app after a phone reset, guess what, no more JooVuu on Playstore.....!??!?
  13. dirkzelf

    Are JooVuu still alive at all???

    Are JooVuu still alive at all??? No news since....... well looks like ever, and no new JooVuu X2?!?!? What's going on there? Anyone know?
  14. dirkzelf

    Viofo A119S with F1.2 lens

    You know I can't help myself, so, here it is, focused and ready to go.... Soon in this theater..... Stay tuned!
  15. dirkzelf

    Vikcam V168 and Zeepin HD Car camera - ARE THEY THE SAME PRODUCT? ANY GOOD?

    I wonder, could these be the same? I guess they are.... Anyway, I'm looking for something like this, but is it any good? Someone using it...
  16. dirkzelf

    A119 PRO?!?
  17. dirkzelf

    Anyone using a 360 dashcam?

    I found several dashcams with a 360 degree lens, just look for them on Ebay, Ali's Express, Banggood etc. The thing is, the idea is GREAT, and I love new technology, and now you can prove the driver is at no faultt in case of incident (hopefully....), but how good is the readability of the...
  18. dirkzelf

    Hardwired NT96658 Dashcam 170° 1080P WiFi/WDR/MOV/H.264/parking mode + Rear View Support for 33 bucs

    I came accross this dashcam on Ali's express, but there are other sources as well, and I think it's stupid cheap, it even has a rearview support (camera not included), WDR, IMX323, Novatek 96658, 170° view, wifi, parking mode.... I mean come on.... specwise no one can beat that... right? Or...
  19. dirkzelf

    ANY GOOD? Original Black Xiaomi Yi FHD 1080P 2.7' LCD Screen Car Dash Camera WiFi DVR I'm looking for something cheap, but with good quality day and night, this seems to have it all, it uses an YI A12 dual core Processor and Sony Exmor CMOS sensor (mentioned here:, so that should be OK? Or better buy the...
  20. dirkzelf

    JooVuu X: 1080p/30 HDR and FOV

    I'd like to change FOV to 120 or 90 degree in HDR / 1080p/30 mode, but for some reason it's stuck on 155?? Is that a bug, or for a good reason?