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  1. dbusguy

    A129 Duo no live cam view in app. Is there a fix?

    The app on my IOs device requires me to go into airplane mode and then turn on wifi only. Then connect to the Viofo. It will not work with bluetooth and cellular active.
  2. dbusguy

    School bus

    This was on my Viofo A129 Duo. Hamilton Police used this video and laid charges against both drivers. Probably wouldn't work on cars across multiple lanes but would for those passing beside you. (quality down graded by youtube - original was crisp enough for plate recognition)
  3. dbusguy

    Hit and run

    Posted also on
  4. dbusguy

    Hit and run

    Pick up truck with snow plow bumps car in front. Plow driver manhandles car driver and pushes him to get back into his car, then drives away. Damage to rear bumper of car. Later catch up to plow and rear plate is covered with snow. Could not identify
  5. dbusguy

    Does CPL filter really work?

    Finally ordered my filter from amazon. First test from before and after install. Most of dash shadow has gone [emoji736][emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. dbusguy

    A couple of times being cut off

    A couple of times being cut off in the last couple of days. Be careful and stay safe out there
  7. dbusguy

    Does CPL filter really work?

    Ah. That explains it, thanks. btw, are you the same jokiin from mpvclub forum?
  8. dbusguy

    Does CPL filter really work?

    Thanks for all the replies. You're all saying that it is worth installing a filter. I wanted to ask because I did search the forum and came across the quoted link and when I looked closely at the comparison photos, I noticed that there was only 1 or 2 seconds between the without and with...
  9. dbusguy

    Does CPL filter really work?

    :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:- not my daily driver anymore :giggle:
  10. dbusguy

    Does CPL filter really work?

    My picture below shows how bad the glare on my windshield is in sunlight. The A129 seems to really pick it up and I'm wondering from those who have used a CPL filter, are they worth the money and do they reduce the glare from the dash. Center of picture is clamp to hold cell phone and you can...
  11. dbusguy

    iOS 13 Can Now Read SD Cards

    Oh yes, just turn your phone. That was just for my picture.
  12. dbusguy

    iOS 13 Can Now Read SD Cards

    Old news for Android users but this is new for iOS 13 users. With the iOS 13 update, you can now use the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader and the FILES app on your device to now read your pictures and videos. Just picked one up at the Apple store and it works like a charm. Reads the SD...
  13. dbusguy

    Got to make that light

    oooops, it's red, going anyway
  14. dbusguy

    Dash Camera Captures Drivers Failing to Stop for School Bus

    2 cars run school bus with lights flashing and arm out. Reported to Hamilton Police and charges have been laid.
  15. dbusguy

    Pics that make you smile

  16. dbusguy

    A129 Fimware v1.8 Question

    Thank you, I'll have to look for the menu. Only made changes from the app. Didn't know the camera had a menu.
  17. dbusguy

    A129 Fimware v1.8 Question

    I don't use parking mode so I'm not seeing a reason to update at this point as cam is working perfectly. (if is ain't broke, don't fix if). I see many comments about 5GHz. I've never seen an option for this and unless I missed it in the install instructions, I don't know where to find it. Can...
  18. dbusguy

    Dashcam Mount for Rear Window?

    Older car. Tint was applied 6 years ago but when I did it, I asked the installer about sticking stuff onto it. I was asking about my highway transponder. He did it for me right away. Said there was no problem. I have since removed and moved the sticky tabs. The tint is like a rock. If in...
  19. dbusguy

    Looking for the right camera for my ex-police vehicle.

    I have the A129 and think it will give you what you need. This video is from my Papago in my Crown Vic EX Police with push bar
  20. dbusguy

    NovaTrakt - GPS Video Player for VIOFO A119

    Crashes with files from my A129. (reported in another thread) Does this help you?