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  1. B20RRL

    Thinkware F770 Review

    Hey guys! Juts popped in to say hello (Been so busy with work). Here is our Unboxing and Review: Here is our conditions footage: I'm going to try and get some footage on the Motorway when I next venture out and also some example "Super Night Vision" and "Timelapse".
  2. B20RRL

    Blackvue Firmware Upgrades - Now Mac Compatible!

    Hey guys... Thought all the MAC users out there will enjoy the info from Source: The new v2.002E firmware’s just released now have a MAC version as well as a Windows version . Models confirmed with a MAC compatible firmware are the...
  3. B20RRL

    VicoVation WF-1 Review

    Hey guys!! I know the WF-1 has been out a while but we did a review on it a few weeks back which I thought I would share on here. Overall I'm pretty impressed with it so far. The phrase "Keep It Simple" rings throughout and I'm really looking forward to the Marcus Range :) Anyway, for those...
  4. B20RRL

    New Blackvue DR500 Lite & DR530 Reviews

    Hey guys, Just launched the new DR500 Lite and DR530 that we were sent from Pittasoft. As normal we have done a review and unboxing of the new DashCams. Has example footage etc!! I know some people are keen to get an eye on them even though the tech inside them isn't that groundbreaking! I...
  5. B20RRL

    SanDisk MicroSD Cards On Offer - Amazon

    Hi Guys, Found a great deal on MicroSD Cards On Amazon! A SanDisk 32GB Class 10 for only £17.98!! Normally £58.12... Make sure you click the link below and then select: ► Size Name: 32GB ► Product Packaging: Standard Packaging Comes with an adapter too which means you...
  6. B20RRL

    Blackvue DR380G FW Update!

    A while a go we announced an update for the DR380. Unfortunately it didn't work for the UK models as the ID was missing the "G" and was released for the Russian units. WEIRD! Anyway - Thanks to the guys at Blackvue Shop UK they have managed to get hold of an exclusive firmware for the DR380G...
  7. B20RRL

    Cheeky Amazon Deal I Found!

    Alrite folks... I posted this up on our Facebook page the other day so thought I would share the love over here!! I use my iPhone a lot for work and it's always losing power when I'm out and about. I know the code works here in the UK but guess it's worth trying elsewhere! Great to keep in the...
  8. B20RRL

    DR550GW DAB Issue - Replacement AV Cables

    Hey guys, Heard from Pittasoft / Blackvue directly and that with BlackvueShop now being Sole Distributor in the UK, they will be dealing with all the replacement cables for all cameras purchased within the UK regardless of where you initially purchased from. For obvious reason this only counts...
  9. B20RRL

    Bit Odd... DCT Video?

    Hey guys! So was doing some research yesterday and wanted to get to the DCT site so just quickly whipped DashCamTalk into Google and noticed a YouTube video titled DashCamTalk. Out of curiosity I watched it (Thinking it was created for this website) Now this is mainly for DashCamMan's benefit...
  10. B20RRL

    RoadHawk HD - UnBoxing & Full Review

    Hey guys!! Our latest DashCam Review features the RoadHawk HD! In the video we go over the unboxing, the camera and its features along with some example footage and also the settings in the software :) Should hopefully kick start some users in this part of DCT! If you need any more info...
  11. B20RRL

    How to Update Blackvue Firmware Using Mac

    Hey everybody!! One of our fans over on my Blackvue Facebook Page very kindly posted up how you can update your Blackvue camera using your Mac. Did do a search but couldn't find any sort of guide so here goes: 1 - Open up Terminal (Search in Spotlight) 2 - Rename the downloaded file so it has...
  12. B20RRL

    RoadHawk HD Vs Blackvue DR500

    Hey guys... A popular question that we get asked here at Advanced In-Car is which high end 1080p camera is better? The Roadhawk HD or the Blackvue DR500? Well we decided to pit them against each other in true in English style, in the RAIN! Both were recording at 1080p at 30fps and at 12mb/s...
  13. B20RRL

    Blackvue DR550GW Full English Review!

    Hey guys! As some of you know we sell a lot of cameras over in the UK and we were lucky enough to be sent the newest camera from Pittasoft to be reviewed. Well here it is, in Full HD! :D In the review I go over: Un-boxing Brief going over the cameras Connecting up the cameras Connecting to...
  14. B20RRL

    New Blackvue DR400 UK - Clearance

    Hey guys!! We have just posted up 1 x Blackvue DR400 in our clearance section on our website. ... -dr400g-hd It's £169 + Shipping I would ideally prefer it to be shipped in the UK but will ship worldwide at extra cost to the buyer. You would be...
  15. B20RRL

    Mi-Witness Voted No1 In UK Newspaper

    Hey guys!! Thought you may want to check out an article in The Sunday Times (UK Newspaper) about DashCams in the UK. Mi-Witness came out on top which is awesome! I think the shortlist was 1 - Mi-Witness HD 2 - Roadhawk HD 3 - Finevu CR500 4 - SmartCam 2 (Was classified as a "budget" camera...
  16. B20RRL

    DR500 & iPhone Users Data Connection

    Hey guys!! Some of you may know that I run a Blackvue Page over on Facebook. It's a pretty cool little community (Suggest you check it out when you can!) You can check it out by clicking this link (Would be great if you LIKED it too) - The other week one of...
  17. B20RRL

    How To: Export DR500 Footage to Camera Roll

    Hey Guys, After a while of investigating and chatting on the Blackvue UK Facebook Page ( I have come up with a way of moving footage from the Internal Storage to the Native iPhone Camera Roll. This means you have more power with your footage! So to start off...
  18. B20RRL

    HTML Code in Signatures

    Hi... Would it be possible to increase the character limit in the signature area as well as allowing HTML support/editor? Be cool to have that functionality! Thanks!! Tim
  19. B20RRL

    Advanced In-Car Technologies - UK

    Hey there guys! With permission from the site Admin he has allowed me to post up about my company that sells cameras in the UK!! We not only sell them in the UK but ship worldwide... We specialise in the retrofitting of original equipment for Audi / VW & BMW vehicles as well as aftermarket...
  20. B20RRL

    Some of my videos :)

    Hey guys... New to the forum! Thought I would share some of my videos :) Make sure to set it to 1080p to get the best resolution! My first video: -- Examples of different conditions: -- Night time down a national speed limit country road --- Some fancy parking skills Thanks!