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  1. boilers

    Blackvue Mac OS app distorted audio

    Like an old ANALOG tape being replayed at wrong or variable speeds, my Mac app makes people's voices sound low and slow or fast and high. The files themselves, when played in any other app, sound fine. Anyone else experience this?
  2. boilers

    Rylo cam 360 would make GREAT dashcam

    The glossy/pamphlet for the Rylo makes it seem like the PERFECT camera for many applications. Google it.
  3. boilers

    Arlo Go - cell based, totally wireless, battery powered security camera

    Arlo Go seems like a great option or substitute for a 'dashcam' for those wanting parked or non-driving protection. Battery powered, cell-service based connection that one can access at anytime. Plus 7 day free/included/gratis cloud storage of...
  4. boilers

    $75 Thinkware F50
  5. boilers

    Defrost/er wires - bad for mounting. Bad for picture

    Suction cups I have used hate being mounted atop defroster wires. Never stay very long. Also, camera image has hard time looking good through or obstructed by the wires. Rear-facing dashcam. So, I've ordered some sticky discs. I also like the self adhesive mounts.
  6. boilers

    Standardize dash cam test video?

    I was just thinking, why not have one or more movies/videos created that can run very precise, exact images/videos on a large 4K screen, and people can set up a dash cam on a tripod and dim the lights, and point the dash cam at it and we (all) can have consistent recording SOURCE from which to...
  7. boilers

    Any B&W Dashcams? Better night performance

    I have more than a few home CCTV/IP-Cams. My old Philips/Magnavox BLACK & WHITE CCTV system has amazing low-light capabilities. Even some of the iPhone 7 rumors thought the dual-camera set-up MIGHT HAVE had one B&W sensor so that Apple COULD HAVE used that better low-light data to fill in the...
  8. boilers

    New GPS antenna --> A118 "No GPS"

    I've ensured it's plugged in tried antenna on glass tried antenna on dash So, both sides faced up during part of my testing. No GPS displayed. And not GPS folder/files created either. Not knowing which it might be, the cam or the antenna, what else can I do to test/diagnose this?
  9. boilers

    mini 0801 is still love of my life

    the mini 0801 was first dash cam I bought. Now I have bought more. And I am blown away by how good the 0801 is for 1. camera angle 2. small, compact with GPS 3. night or low light image quality. My recent papago, B40, and other lesser cameras have not held a candle to my 0801.
  10. boilers

    Dashcams with quickest/easiest mount to remove and 'take with'?

    I prefer my Mini 080X because the mount is so darn unobtrusive and easy to take the cam out when I leave the car, and put it back in/on when I come back. Anyone like to discuss any other dash cam mounts that make for easy on/off/on ?
  11. boilers

    story: dashcam captures mechanics joyride
  12. boilers

    PapaGo 520 - what's comparable?

    $183 from B&H at the moment. What else is comparable? They seem to have good specs. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Captures 2K Video Resolution with Audio Multiple Aspect Ratios: 4:3/16:9/21:9 146° Ultra-Wide Viewing...
  13. boilers

    Mac OS X's built in MAP application-3D cool-RIFIC!

    I just love Apple's Mac OS X (Yosemite 10.10) Maps application. The 3D enabled cities, not sure how many there are, are AMAZING! (to this old guy)
  14. boilers

    Mini 0801 - so many minis - any of them work?

    Amazon has many mini0801s. I've had one of the originals, from e-prance for a long time. I like it. Want more. So, even e-prance has listing for what APPEARS to be mini0801s. But I'm so confused. $35 Which, if any, work? By that I mean...
  15. boilers

    Longest running on internal battery/cap?

    Is there a list/matrix/database where someone has measured or taken the manufacturer's own reported capacities for RUN TIME on internal energy source? Be that battery/cell/cap... What are the longest running cams where/when no external power is supplied? and/or What have YOU PERSONALLY used for...
  16. boilers

    BlackVue DR400G II 16GB 1CH $160

    I have NO CLUE if this is a hot/warm/cold deal. But FYI. Let me know if it's HOT!
  17. boilers

    Tempting dual-cam $35 ebay. AV-C60-2

    $35 ! With a cam that can be positioned out the rear. I'd even like to put that near the license plate. (with a tiny little lens wiper..hehe). It's the rear that concerns me a lot. I got runned-over by semi truck (yes runned). I do have some questions, and anyone that might know the answer I...
  18. boilers

    Has your GPS mount failed?

    I've tried everything I can think of to get GPS to work again. Has anyone else had a GPS mount work at first, then quit working? What is the cheapest source for a replacement? I assume that it does not matter if one purchases the GPS mount from the same seller. But, correct me if I'm wrong...
  19. boilers

    Sadly, mine is now unreliable

    I purchased through prance. The GPS stopped working for no apparent reason. I tried different cards. Now, it's just shutting off after minutes of operation. This is useless to anyone at this point. I'll see if they stand by their product. Sad. I like the design and packaging. Especially the...
  20. boilers

    Deal: $20 64GB Lexar Class 10 micro Office Depot

    FYI - I don't know which, if any, dashcams this will work in. But just in case you'd like to get a good deal, I thought I would post here. Can mini 0801 take this/these? I have one.