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    Intro video to some seriously bad driving in southwest Missouri

    Just a couple clips from my day to day life having recently moved to southwest Missouri from Wisconsin. All I had time to put together. More to come soon as i have allot of footage but almost no time to edit. I'm using the street guardian sg9663dc camera. Thanks for watching.
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    Driving in Central WI, USA

    The RAW data is of FAR better quality. Pretty sure it's a combo of the crappy Android video editor and the terrible things youtube does to video quality. Either way, here you go! ... ata_player
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    Easy Bake Computer

    Anyone else have to do this to their computer sometimes? Yes, that is a computer with a missing video card. Yes, that is the missing video card in the oven. Just you kiddies wait. I'll have my Windows Vista back. Soon. So very soon. :twisted: :roll: :oops: I'd like to see and hear...
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    Hello from Central WI

    Thought I'd finally join the forum. Long time lurker here. Been snooping around since December. I'm from Central Wisconsin in the U.S., currently living here as well, for now. Former Marine, served for 6 years, Recon. Been all over the planet. I have been out for 5 years. I'd like to...