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  1. wozzzzza

    Up the back of him when he stops for the cops

    waiting at the lights, cops come from the other way, the person over the intersection stops for the cops while the P plater didn't and ran up the back of him, doubt any damage though with bull bar and a ute tray.
  2. wozzzzza

    Motor bike rider with death wish crossing double white lines

    driving up the hills the other day behind a truck doing half the speed limit, nothing you can do but wait for the next overtaking lane about 2 minutes up the road, theres plenty of them. Then a motorbike comes flying up passing everyone on a windy solid double white lined road and i'm like WTF...
  3. wozzzzza

    Whats a good electric pressure cleaner not expensive?

    im after an electric pressure cleaner just for washing the car weekly, thats all it will be used for. dont want to spend more than a couple hundred bucks or there abouts. ive heard karcher are crap and gerni arent much better, any decent ones that will do the job i want and be half decent at the...
  4. wozzzzza

    mobius locks up when recording

    what reasons would cause my mobius to just lock up and the power light to remain on and the recording light to remain on solid and not respond to any button presses?? i have tried 2 different sd cards, tried different firmware versions and still does the same thing. it will record for a little...
  5. wozzzzza

    nearly a head on, low speed though.

    Some lady went the wrong way down the road way and a turning red subaru nearly went head on into it. with sound on you can hear the horn. i dont know how they managed to go on wrong side of road, theres even a keep left sign right at the island and plenty of road markings.
  6. wozzzzza

    samsung evo 256GB card cheap short time only

    is this a good card? if so its cheap for short time only
  7. wozzzzza

    another one

    through the round about like i do every day, accelerate to around 50 put cruise control on set to 60, then this wanker pulls into my lane, didnt see any indicator at all, only when i looked at the video here i see his indicator flash twice then turn off before he changes.
  8. wozzzzza

    Mazda 2018 CX-9 dashcam install

    as soon as i picked up the CX-9 from the dealer, i drove out with a suction cap mounted dashcam to home. as soon as i drove i parked it, the first thing i did was start pulling it all apart to run wires and install the dashcam in it. here is rear door where i ran the wires through the right hand...
  9. wozzzzza

    pedestrian gets run over

    if you look at the top middle you still see a pedestrian walking down the middle of the road then get bowled over. no witnesses, just pedestrians word against cab drivers, cops got footage, they asked me who do you think is at fault. i just no idea, thats your job to work out from that footage.
  10. wozzzzza

    how do these cellink neo's work??

    questions i have but cant find: 1. when hard wired, does it have a constant drain on the car battery all the time to charge itself or only when the ignition is on?? 2. when you have dashcam connected to it, when ignition is turned off, does 100% of the dashcam power come from the cellink neo...
  11. wozzzzza

    Flooding in Cairns.

    i was on holidays the last week in adelaide and missed all the huge amounts of rain cairns had. Had around 220mm of ran this day in cairns. not much compared to the outer regions around cairns who had around 600mm. but the flooding still came. wife was driving, she was scared car would stall and...
  12. wozzzzza

    sink hole in the road

    looks like someone hit a sink hole,the commodore on the right changing his wheel over. looked quite deep as well, i could see down about 40cm and no bottom i could see on the way past.
  13. wozzzzza

    Queens Baton Relay in Cairns

    went for a ride on my bike today to check out this queens baton relay, heres what i saw of it. that baton thing doesnt look all that great in real life though, was expecting it to look shinier and brighter.
  14. wozzzzza

    technology cant save you from human stupidity all the time.

    rear parking sensors, rear parking camera, clear view through the windows, still does damage. technology cant save you every time.
  15. wozzzzza

    Nice thunderstorm and lightning recording.

    taken a couple nights back, forgot to post it.
  16. wozzzzza

    motor bike riding dangerously

    going back 8 months now. was reported to cops the next day in morning, i gave the cops this footage told them i wanted him charged with multiple offences. i got a call from the cops later that afternoon saying he had a clean driving record and was spoken to firmly about his riding behaviour, he...
  17. wozzzzza

    Elton John Concert Cairns

    here is the crowd arriving 1.5 hours before the start of the concert
  18. wozzzzza

    up the back of him, high as a kite.

    this d00d, high as a kite. passenger cracked front windscreen with her head, busted radiator, no ID apart from birth certificate, the person he ran into called cops, they didn't want to know about it, they told him to call ambulance if any injuries and report to insurance company. apparently...
  19. wozzzzza

    why is there now ads on this site?? yuk.

    disappointed to see ads here, why have they been put here??