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  1. spytec

    Taxi - a film shot entirely on a dash camera

    Thought somebody might find this interesting: Jafar Panahi, a director banned from film making in Iran, has shot his newest film Taxi entirely using dash camera footage.
  2. spytec

    Mini 0803 with GPS on Sale on Amazon (US and Canada Only)

    Hi, We are running a sale on Amazon today through Monday (06/23/14). Mini 0803 + GPS + 8gb Internal Memory for $104.95 (Free Shipping within US Only). Link: This mini 0803 ships out of our warehouse in NY. Thanks!
  3. spytec

    LK-7500 Cuty

    Hello, We are now selling the LK-7500 Cuty for $199.95 (with free US domestic ground shipping). It is an identical unit to the LK-7900 (exact same hardware, lens, 128GB capabilities, GPS) except the LK-7900 has a rounder design and has a higher operating temperature (-20 to 70 Celcius (-4 to...
  4. spytec

    Mobius ActionCam Available

    Hey, FYI, we have the Mobius Action Camera available starting this week. ... amera.html . It is the final hardware version of the device but the newest firmware will be released within the next couple of days. We will be testing out the unit as a Dash...
  5. spytec

    Dash Cameras Currently for Sale

    Hello, We have available the DVR-207(Real version, we check the processors), and the ITB-100HD (English version). We ship out of New York, honor all warranties, and offer free technical support. We've been in business online for approximately nine years. Please let us know if you want us to...