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    A129 or A119 v3?

    I just watched it. THANK YOU for making the effort in your video. MUCH appreciated!
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    A129 or A119 v3?

    Thought I'd post in this section since the A129 has been out for a while. I'm trying to decide which of these cameras to buy. If I don't care about having a second camera, is the a129 equal to or better than the a119 v3? Are there other major differences that I don't see? Thanks!
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    What happens if you use a microSD card that's larger than recommended?

    Hi all. I have an older DOD-Tech LS360w cam and the card I've been using has failed. I drive professionally and want to get a 256gb Samsung Evo Select card for use in that cam. Problem is, the largest card size I see supported is 128gb. So like the title asks, what would happen if I put that...
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    Problem removing the GPS mount from A119s v2

    It should not have come already attached. It might have been someones return. I would inspect it very closely.
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    Bought my A119s from springnow15 on Ebay earlier in the year. Good seller?

    Since you're in the US, buy from a US seller. The first 2 that come to mind are Capture Your Action and OCDtronic. Both are reputable US sellers, and both are very active on this forum. To me they both have demonstrated excellent customer support. I've personally bought 2 a119s's from OCDtronic...
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    Viofo 119s - 2017

    Ah, now I understand. Build your own boxes and and you'll see that BIOS flashes aren't as user friendly as ones put out by OEM manufacturers. Custom built computer BIOS flashes restore all settings to default. The a119s takes just a minute or so to change the settings back to your liking after...
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    Viofo 119s - 2017

    Ever flashed a computer's BIOS? Everything is returned to default settings.
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    VIOFO's A119S

    I agree with this. I purchased a 15 foot Monoprice cable for the a119s. I believe it was @harsh who mentioned he had problems with the same cable. So, before I routed the cable I did some tests with it on 2 different a119s cams. The results were camera 1 had screen flicker and would power cycle...
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    VIOFO's A119S

    What's wrong with the Monoprice cables? I just bought a 15 footer that I'm going to use for a rear window dashcam. I'd hate to find out after installation it's not good.
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    A119s pretty nice at night time?

    I agree with what other posters have said. The camera is functioning as well as can be expected in poor lighting conditions for a $100 camera. If you were rear-ended the camera would definitely capture that. I too have the hot pixels. While annoying, they do not affect the main function of this...
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    Where to buy EVA foam and 3M stripes for GPS in Germany

    I have had to deal with dashcam vibrations before, particularly with my DOD LS360W. The camera gives GREAT video, but because of the loose mount/camera connection, I get serious "jello' effects when hitting rough roads. Don't know what Hombre's problem is, but crappy video quality due to a...
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    Please recommend SD card for my A119s

    I concur. I'm using the Lexar 64gb x633. No issues within 4 days after formatting it to Fat32. This card has been used in other cameras as well with no issues.
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    New Mount Option For A119S

    Not sure. There is a 1/2 inch square recessed area on the forward facing side of my mirror that has a white, possibly translucent plastic cover while the rest of the entire front if the mirror is black plastic. I suspect that it has something to do with auto-dimming the mirror. Like it detects...
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    New Mount Option For A119S

    Also make sure you don't block any sensors you may have on the rear view mirror with the camera. I had to mount mine on the right side of the mirror due to a sensor that would be blocked by the camera if mounted on the left. 2015 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x.
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    A119 playback video on netbook stutters. Is it the settings?

    Windows Player definitely adds stutter to my A119s playback on my desktop PC. VLC player playback is smooth. Thought this new camera was bad. Phew!
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    Hot pixel issue in my 119s?

    @OCD Tronic Any update on this? I just received the a119s v2 purchased from you via Amazon. I have at least as many hot pixels as the pic the OP posted. Kind of disappointed with it.
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    A119S v2

    FWIW, I ordered on the 24th from OCD on Amazon. At that time the delivery date was supposed to be May 4th. A few days later it was changed to May 1st. I checked the status yesterday and it was again changed to April 29th, tomorrow. It shipped out around 12;30 AM EST from Trenton, NJ, and will be...
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    Video problem

    Hi all. Yes, I have tried the original camera in a different vehicle, my personal vehicle. I've also tried it off the mount and holding it my hand. In both cases the problem does go away. But please remember, I am trying to use this in a tractor-trailer (lorry). This vehicle naturally does have...
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    Video problem

    So here is my follow-up to this problem. I have tried 2 different suction mounts and 2 different but same model number (LS360) cameras. I still get that jello effect when truck is idling. While I do like the video quality of this cam, I must send them both back and find something else. Odd thing...
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    Video problem

    Mount cannot be any tighter. I will contact DOD and see what they say. I'll post a follow when the issue is resolved. Thanks everyone!