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    Loop Mode?

    Ive searched around but I cant seem to find out definitively if the yi has a loop mode like other dashcams. ie- record in small chunks and record over the oldest footage when the card is full so you can leave it recording. I see it doesnt have auto start/stop which limits its usefulness as a...
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    Cheapest place to buy a real SJ4000 Wifi ?

    Where is the cheapest/best place to buy a real SJ4000 wifi? Little leery of banggood or gearbest after some reports of fakes. thanks
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    Next version of Mobius?

    The mobius is getting a pretty long in the tooth. Any word on if/when it will get an update?
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    Anyone try one of the cheap Vivitar gopro copy cameras?

    Has anyone tried one of the Vivitar gopro copy cameras like the 787HD? 1080p/30, 2.5" lcd screen, has a loop mode/ dashcam mode, and goes on sale regularly for between $40 and $50 at walmart. I just picked one up for $40, I figure even if its no good its worth it for the mounts and as a...
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    Magellan GPS with dashcam integrated

    Finally! Ive been waiting for this unit. I like the fact that it is stealth, everyone will think its just an ordinary GPS. Not too expensive either at $230 (probably sub $200 street price) if quality is good Ill pick...
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    G1W Turn the screen off while recording?

    Messed around in the menus for a while and I couldnt find the option. Anyway to do this?
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    What to do when power is always on

    Id like to put a rear-facing camera in my suv, and conveniently there is a 12v socket in the back. Unfortunately this socket is always powered on, even when the car is shut off. Ive spent way too much time trying to find a good,easy solution, but I havent seemed to find it yet so Id LOVE to...