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    DR01 Question

    The camera gets power, it starts recording. That's how all dash cams work. So its on you for it to get power when you want it to start record. You could easily wire in a manual switch, but then you run the risk of forgetting to turn it on. Personally, Id let it run. Who cares if you have...
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    Aukey DR-02 lightning deal (A119 vs DR-02)

    Anyone had any problems with theirs turning on / staying on? After only a few months of it being installed mine will no longer turn on reliably, sometimes takes 5 minutes to come on, sometimes never. Often shuts off right after. I tested the power source and it is solid, tested with...
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    DR02 Internal photo

    Yes there is a black cable going from the mini-usb to the camera.
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    Does your 2 yr plus dashcam work as well now as it did on day 1?

    My Mini 0801 is still going strong, and I bought one of the first ones almost 4 years ago. No idea why the mini series has a bad rep. My G1w didnt even last 6 months.
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    Less than a year old Mini0805 - dead battery

    anyway, anyone know where to get a replacement battery for one of these? (and fwiw, my 0801 is also still going strong after years of work)
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    Less than a year old Mini0805 - dead battery

    No, you are. read up cycling a battery is only one way it degrades, another way is high voltage (ie, charged) and heat. (which kills it MUCH faster) if they were smart, they would tweak the charger circuit so that it only charged these batteries to a voltage roughly...
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    [Big News]Original Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR is coming!!!!

    This had such potential but the camera is big and that mounting system is horrible and very bulky. I was going to buy one but Im sitting this one on the sidelines at least until the mounts get more compact and the price comes down.
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    Loop Mode?

    Its not clear in the wiki writeup OR any threads searching for loop mode. And nobody is going to install an app for a camera they havent bought yet. If you're going to answer a question, leave out the snark. but im glad that its cleared up now so people can find it via search
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    Loop Mode?

    Ive searched around but I cant seem to find out definitively if the yi has a loop mode like other dashcams. ie- record in small chunks and record over the oldest footage when the card is full so you can leave it recording. I see it doesnt have auto start/stop which limits its usefulness as a...
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    Cheapest place to buy a real SJ4000 Wifi ?

    Where is the cheapest/best place to buy a real SJ4000 wifi? Little leery of banggood or gearbest after some reports of fakes. thanks
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    Just purchased a Mini 0805. A few questions...

    I had a G1W that did that when I accidentally hardwired it to 12v instead of 5v. it was bricked, totally dead.
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    Mini 0805 won't loop when card is full

    mine had that problem. I bumped the G sensor setting way up and lowered the clip size down to 1 minute and it fixed it. (at least it appears to have, need to pull the memory card to verify)
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    SJCAM SJ4000+

    And higher framerate means *much* worse night / low light footage. There is no free lunch. Personally Id prefer lower framerates than 30fps.
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    DON´T Buy at BANGGOOD... to many FAKES!!!

    fakes even with the SJCAM logo on the camera?
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    Mini 0807 wishlist

    60fps nighttime footage would be twice as dark as 30fps. What does 60fps give you? slo-mo video for your drive to work? 30fps already captures more than enough frames for accidents/incidents etc. In fact, Id really like a 20fps option for even better night video.
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    buying mini 0805 from gearbest

    did you guys who got the camera in a few days from gearbest pay for expedited shipping? usually my orders from china take 3 weeks or so and this order has been no different
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    SJCAM SJ4000+

    doesnt make any sense, why not just buy an SJ5000 ?
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    sj4000 as a dashcam...

    petepete Im curious what you didnt like about the Xaiomi Yi? that one is on my list to get whenever it gets auto start/stop
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    sj4000 as a dashcam...

    not hard to get a real one, as long as you order from a reputable retailer. just stay away from ebay
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    JooVuu X Camera

    looks really good. has everything Im looking for in a dashcam and actioncam. I like the form factor, like a mobius with up to date specs. I just hope its not too expensive. you should make sure it has decent battery life and video-out on the usb port so RC plane/quad people can use it too.