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    "Please check the time settings"

    Has anyone come across this error yet? My CR500 has recently began announcing this error when I start the vehicle, immediately followed by "video recording begins". Could this be a bad internal battery?
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    LS400W Blurry When Hot

    Anyone else have this issue? After sitting in the parking lot sun for the day I found the images from the camera on the drive home to be very blurry. I have had the unit exactly 24 hours now and would like input as to whether to keep it or not. I, as others have, asked the mfg. for the latest...
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    WTB CR-300/500 or BV380/400

    As the title states - looking for either of these camera types. Must be fully functional with all original hardware and not modified. I need this by the end of the week. Let me know what you have to offer. Thank you.
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    Trim ring removal

    Does anyone have the instructions for removing just the chrome trim ring on the camera? Thank you.
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    DR500GW Lost GPS

    Coming home from work this afternoon I noticed that my GPS light went out right as the camera announced it was exiting parking mode. The video shows it blink off then back on and then back off - where there was a speed indicator there is now --- . Any thoughts? Running the modified firmware...
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    Choppy playback with FV viewer on PC

    Hello - new to the FineVu world. Love the camera (500HD) but hate the player. I can play the videos back just fine via a Mac but on a windows machine (Windows 7) they are choppy. Any suggestions? I would like to make use of the FineVu player but can't since the videos are not playable...