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    Trouble/glitch free dash cam, must be one ?

    I very tried of buying and returning unit that are nothing but trouble with crummy user manuals ! There has to one out there that doesn't cost $500 ? :evil:
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    What brand SD card are you using in your DOD unit

    I am using a SanDisk Ultra 32 GB Class 10 and my video screen freezes up after about 15 min. of driving. The loop cycle is set on 2 minutes. And yes I did format the card with the menu option. Any ides ??
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    DOD LS400W

    After struggling with this unit for 3 days I'm returning it to Amazon for a refund. Nothing but problems and a crummy manual. Unit froze up on a 10 mile trip and wouldn't reboot. I'm using the SanDisk 32 mg class 10 card by the way. I was expecting much better from a mid priced unit ! :evil...