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    GT300W no more???

    I have a GT300W that I bought from foxoffer. My friend wants to buy one. They are no longer selling that model. Is it available elsewhere? Anything similar? Thanks Bruce
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    GT300W Review and Manual by TheSuper

    To THE SUPER:: Thank you for your "manual". Without that manual I would not be able to operate the camera. Gracias!!!! Bruce
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    GT300 Just arrived!

    After lurking on this forum I finally took the plunge and ordered the GT300 from Foxoffer. It arrived in Canada within 12 days. Great Service. No duty or sales tax. I haven't had a chance for a real road test but did charge it up and went for a trip around the block. The instructions that come...
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    GPS Interference

    I am looking for a decent dashcam that will not interfere with other devices. I am using it in a long haul 18 wheeler and my GPS is very important as is my xm radio. I don't think the DVRXXXX will do the job. Any other suggestions. $100 or so is OK. Thanks
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    Powerucc Panorama2

    The day time video is horrible. Night is not much better.
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    F500LHD quality

    Estore009 could very well be correct. Most small items returned to stores as defective are usually OK. In this case the problem might be that people are using cheap memory cards. If only these sellers had a US or Canadian presence. I would gladly pay more for the item but have a N.A. seller.
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    F500LHD quality

    I really want a dashcam right away but I think the whole industry sucks. I have been through that returning to China fiasco a few years ago. Never again. I wouild sooner pay more and buy it from a US or Canadian source. But haven't really come across a source.
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    What is this camera

    Does anyone recognize this camera? truck cam Thanks Bruce
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    F500LHD quality

    I know nothing about dashcams but here is where the problem lies. These are not a consumer item sold in retail stores. Companies like Wal Mart, Costco, electronic big box stores, etc, expect their suppliers to have quality control. In some cases they actually inpsect the factories. In many...
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    F500LHD quality

    II was al ready to buy one of these but saw the thread about screen going blank and no recording. I am new to this but if I understand that thread this could be a big problem. The forum owner said he was going to remove his recommendtaion but that has not happened. I see problems with almost...