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    GT300W no more???

    I have a GT300W that I bought from foxoffer. My friend wants to buy one. They are no longer selling that model. Is it available elsewhere? Anything similar? Thanks Bruce
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    GT300 Just arrived!

    After lurking on this forum I finally took the plunge and ordered the GT300 from Foxoffer. It arrived in Canada within 12 days. Great Service. No duty or sales tax. I haven't had a chance for a real road test but did charge it up and went for a trip around the block. The instructions that come...
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    GPS Interference

    I am looking for a decent dashcam that will not interfere with other devices. I am using it in a long haul 18 wheeler and my GPS is very important as is my xm radio. I don't think the DVRXXXX will do the job. Any other suggestions. $100 or so is OK. Thanks
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    What is this camera

    Does anyone recognize this camera? truck cam Thanks Bruce
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    F500LHD quality

    II was al ready to buy one of these but saw the thread about screen going blank and no recording. I am new to this but if I understand that thread this could be a big problem. The forum owner said he was going to remove his recommendtaion but that has not happened. I see problems with almost...