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    CR500-HD battery replacement

    There used to be a thread about replacing the battery on the CR500-HD with an external (velcro attached) battery from an iPod, but I'll be dammed if I can find it now. Can anyone steer me in the right direction/point me to it's location/title? Thanks.
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    Poor (IMO) Video Quality - is it just me?

    Is the attached frame typical of the SG video quality, or is there something I need to change/adjust? I've had the unit for just over a year, and am happy with it except for the video quality. Its serial number begins with B155 so I believe it is a V2. I'm in Phoenix, AZ so it's almost always...
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    Lukas 7900 ACE - ERR1 (& high temps)

    Does anyone know what the ERR1 error code is on a Lukas 7900 ACE? It had been acting strangely lately, giving me that error at least once a day, so I just upgraded the firmware to 37 (from 31) and I get the error all the time now. It boots and goes straight to the ERR1. I'm using good quality...
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    DR500GW-HD review download links don't work

    I've ordered myself one of these units, and was trying to download both the manual and the SD Card Contents before it arrives but the links for these two items on the review page don't let me download them. Is anyone else unable to download them? If so, does anyone know somewhere else I can...