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  1. cheery3853

    Difference between DR600gw comparing with the 500

    I disassemble one Dr600gw and a dr500gw camera and found out this. Blackvue does change a bit on the Matte Black Dr600gw comparing the older verison Dr500gw. If you have more information about these 2 models, please post the pictures and comments to help the members justify the differences...
  2. cheery3853

    VICO-WF1 1.58 FIRMWARE with MOTION DETECTION has been release

    Finally, I got a new firmware from Vico whihc is 1.58 with motion detection for parking recording. I will upload on dropbox, so you can download it before official website release. 1.58 download link:
  3. cheery3853

    Which new firmware do you prefer using on Marcus 3, 3.0 or 3.1?

    Hey guys I just checked Vico official website. They just launched two new firmwares. I just updated mine with 3.0 because I like 60 fps smoother recording footages comparing with 30fps. I don't have a 64gb card with me. Please let me know know will 64G micro sd card will work on the new firmware...
  4. cheery3853

    Racing footage record by WF1

    Here is the racing footage record by Vico wf1. The fastest speed is up to 250kms. So impressive.