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  1. mollydog

    help with working out LED’s candelas in to lumens

    I’m planing on replacing my front orange indicators for those clear ones and in the process also replace the 21 watts indicator bulb for those white DRL to orange indicator LED’s so the indicator housing has two uses these LED’s in the smoked housing the ones I bought (not...
  2. mollydog

    A129 rear camera

    I thought I’d start a new thread and not water down the other thread where I started this issue I spend half an hour and made my small wedge shape slither to get the rear facing DVR lens facing up and not on to the rear boot, I went and did a dry run to see with the wedge how much play I had...
  3. mollydog

    (not) Long post, Part IV

    so the other week I went and to start the car as I do every now and then when the car’s off the road As I hadn’t started it since January, I took out the fuel pump fuse first to get the engine first to pump oil round the block before firing up, after doing this for 30 or more seconds when I...
  4. mollydog

    Long post not to be read if you don't have time, Part iii

    I filled the car up with fuel and hit the motorway, I was doing around 80mm for a good hour or so when I pulled up for a rest and noticed the car stalling on me but I just managed to get it in to a parking bay, I stopped there for around half an hour then set off once more doing the max 80 mph...
  5. mollydog

    Long post not to be read if you don't have time, Part ii

    I got maybe 40 miles south of Reims doing around 80mph on the motorway when the car cut out and turning the key did nothing no cracking or fuel pump priming sound, I managed to free wheel the car next to a call box to call out the tow truck, and within 30 minutes the tow truck arrived and...
  6. mollydog

    Long post not to be read if you don't have time, Part i

    **Warning this is a long post** read only if you ave nothing better to do Part i I store my Elise over the winter months and only put her back on the road come May/June, for the past 7 or 8 years now I had one big issue last summer, the first was on my way to the Euro tunnel when doing around...
  7. mollydog

    A129 rear camera mount

    I have a little issue with the Viofo A129 rear camera mount, I’m sure there’s an easy solution, I find the rear camera mount isn’t suited to having a 90ø vertical rear window as I have on my car If mounted on the screen with the bracket it came with then the lens will be pointing down too...
  8. mollydog

    maybe the DVR of the future?

    I’ve just come across what I think would be the way to go with car DVR’s, in that the only thing stuck on the windscreen is a small lens to capture the image with and everything else is tucked away somewhere in the car like those old DVD changers that held 6 DVD’s in the boot or under the driver...
  9. mollydog

    Parking mode setup

    on our daily drives we’ve been using our DVR’s connected to an ignition ON fuse in the fuse box , on my car I drive to Italy with I’ve had the DVR to come on with power to the lights as I drive it 100% of the time with lights on. day or night, never had it connected in parking mode like this...
  10. mollydog

    Happy joining day to me :)

    I’ve just noticed March the 1st (last Friday) marked my 6th year as a member on this forum, I had not long bought a Blackvue DVR that was not only giving wrong GPS location but also atrocious film quality, and with the help of google I stumbled upon DCT and 6 years on, I’m still here and still...
  11. mollydog

    a UK supplier for the A129

    It’s time for a replacement dual DVR, after some researching I’ve come to the conclusion that at this moment in time, the Viofo A129 will meet my present needs for my fun/Sunday car, (I’m using a variety of the Mini range in my other daily drives) I’ve seen these as low as £93 off aliexpress...
  12. mollydog

    maybe we have a spamer here

    I think we have a spamer here. he/she needs the mods to take a looking?
  13. mollydog

    My mini 0906

    I’ve started this new thread about my Mini 0906 as I didn’t want to be clogging up the “0906 public test” thread with my mods, this first post is a copy of the one in that thread and in time followed with other posts: ++++++++++ as I’ve shown in some of my previous images, I made a temporary...
  14. mollydog

    No name Chinese car head unit

    maybe a long shot on a DVR forum but maybe the issue I'm having might be similar I have a no name Chinese 7” head unit, well its got a name on the front not sure it it means anything, Erisin ES842D I’ve had it for a number of years now with no issues, well apart from the occasional freeze of...
  15. mollydog


    Looks like they were escorting a very important person, lucky I was driving within the speed limit,, the forth out rider didn’t see me coming and pulled out in front of me, a lot closer than it looks as these DVR’s have a wide angle of view making it look further than it was PS one swear word :)
  16. mollydog

    Another MG TF bites the dust

    Came across this impact that happened yesterday, on the MG Rover forum, looks like another MG TF hits the dust, if ever there was a need for an example to persuade people to use their seatbelt, this has to be one of them, I’m sure if the passenger wasn’t wearing his, he would of took off like...
  17. mollydog

    Now is this warranty worth anything?

    I’ve just come across this add on eBay, this DVR costs a total of £6.98, and this includes P&P (shipping) it was brought to my attention by a member on another forum who has this one and is pleased with the results it produces, The reason I’m mentioning it here is that I also see that for a...
  18. mollydog

    choosing a car tracker

    I’ve been looking at some of these low cost car trackers,for some time these are more or less all very similar to each other in that they use GPS and a SIM card to communicate with your smart phone, I’m just looking for something that can be easy to set up and use, I see with...
  19. mollydog

    FRL (Friends round London) run

    This has been my 5th participation on FRL (friends round London), it raises money for the charity “Homes for heroes” and we play our part in raising funds for ex service men and women who have fallen on hard times and living on the street’s, we all gather at South...
  20. mollydog

    All wired up the PWM to the motor

    little update now that more of the parts have arrived, I had to wait for the dremel saw bits to arrive to cut out the large hols in the ABS box, I didn’t fancy trying it with a Stanley knife and just as well I did, as it wan’t all that easy even with the dremel, I think I made a good job, the...